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Hi Everyone!
does anyone suffer from rosacea? I have had crohns for a long time but the last two years I have really bad rosacea and I’m having trouble calming it down. Any suggestions?
Skin manifestations can take multiple forms. Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis seem to be the most common, but there are others. You may want to check with a dermatologist - they should be able to give you something topical to calm it down.
I canty believe I found this here but I'm pretty sure that after suffering from Crohns for 14 years that I have rosacea too. Its hot to the touch, painful, sometimes it itches. Its all over my cheeks and chin and and its so uncomfortable! Did you have any luck getting rid of it?
If you have skin issues like seborreic dermatitis, rosace, maybe a TNF biologic will help you ( if you should get one for Crohns or UC)……last time when I delayed Remicade for a month I had those nasty scales again beyond my ears, in my brows etc…..the day after the infusion they were dissapearing, in 2 days they were all gone……maybe its just a coincidence?…..maybe some of those skin disorders are sort of autoinmune reactions, in this case your inmune system reacting to your skin….not your gut….???