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Rowans Third Ileosomy

Surgery was a success, saved 2 feet of small intestines. She has an end ileostomy, and spared her rectum. Awaiting biopsy results for PSC. She had no issues during surgery, lost very little blood and is not anemic. Jpouch was huge, he never saw anything like it. Took pictures and showed us it was huge.

She is now in PICU, not doing very well. High BP 195, low sat 87, high fever 103.7. IV Tylenol nor Tordol reducing it. WBC elevated but is normal for just having surgery. Now on O2 and has improved fear she will tank when removed though.

Anyone ever experience these issues from steroid enemas being stopped. They want to maybe give her a rapid taper of IV Steroids. :(. Really worried and scared for my girl. Any info would be very helpful. Could be risky I was told.

Awaiting blood cultures...
Had epidural removed bc of fever now on Dilaudid via PCA.
The problem usually associated with stopping steroids, that have been given for a long period of time, is temporary adrenal insufficiency-- and that is usually associated with low bp. It doesn't cause a fever.

Anyone who has potential adrenal insufficiency (from previous high dose steroid use) should either have their adrenal function checked prior to surgery or usually are just given stress steroids during surgery and postop. I don't know enough about steroid enemas or how long Rowan used them to know if she's at risk for adrenal suppression/insufficiency now.

I hope they get the high bp under control quickly and figure out what is causing that and her fever.

Sending healing thoughts and lots of hugs!


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Thinking of you and Rowan!!! :ghug: I wish I had some information or advice for you. Am praying you begin to see improvement through the night! :ghug: :ghug:
I hope things get better soon. Do you know how long you need to wait for the PSC biopsy results? I'll be thinking of you and Rowan.
The problem usually associated with stopping steroids, that have been given for a long period of time, is temporary adrenal insufficiency-- and that is usually associated with low bp. It doesn't cause a fever.

Anyone who has potential adrenal insufficiency (from previous high dose steroid use) should either have their adrenal function checked prior to surgery or usually are just given stress steroids during surgery and postop. I don't know enough about steroid enemas or how long Rowan used them to know if she's at risk for adrenal suppression/insufficiency now.

I hope they get the high bp under control quickly and figure out what is causing that and her fever.

Sending healing thoughts and lots of hugs!
Yes they checked her adrenal function and it was normal. They don't see a cause at this point are saying it is too soon for abscess to be causing this. Worried about infection and infection from liver biopsy as I remember the hepotologist in Cincy pointing out that it is a complication of doing a larger liver biopsy. They seem unconcerned and that it is low as to causes. WBC came down. They are now saying it might just be a reaction from surgery, ICU nurses say they see it all the time as well. Still spiking a fever seems to bring up her heart rate as well. She gets dizzy when I try to get her to walk. Foley came out today. She is having H2O today. Been up all night. She is sleeping now. They think she is retaining fluid and th is is causing stress and she needs to walk to get the excess fluid out and when it comes out they think all will normalize... I have my doubts. Can't get her to walk but from bed to toilet. :(
Been thinking of her and of course you. Please update as often as you can because we worry from afar. Hoping for a speedy recovery!!
I'm glad things seem more stable but hope her doctors get a handle on the fever and fluid and that she's feeling better soon. Has her bp come down?

Postoperative fevers are apparently pretty common in the first 48 hours. Hope it turns out to be non-infectious!

Postoperative fever is defined as a temperature elevation greater than 101 °F. Fever is common in the postoperative period, occurring in up to 50% of patients; however, an infectious source is identified in less than half of febrile patients. The release of pyrogenic cytokines in response to the trauma of surgery may elicit a febrile response in the absence of infection. Early postoperative fevers (within 48h) are usually due to the inflammatory response to surgery and are not associated with infections. In contrast, fevers due to infection tend to occur later in the postoperative period. Risk factors for infectious causes include the presence of cancer, an immunosuppressed state, and anything that interrupts normal host defense mechanisms. These fevers tend to be higher (>101°F).

Keep us posted. There are a lot of worriers on the forum!


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O.K. well now that they know what it is we pray without ceasing that they can fix it....fast! You are amazing Mary! Wish I could wrap my arms around you and not let go until this nightmare is over. Hang in there girlfriend!


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Oh my goodness Mary, mega loads of squishy hugs! :ghug:

I wish with all my heart that Rowan is soon on the mend and will have lasting peace and relief from this bloody disease, blessings and healing thoughts to you both. :heart:

In my thoughts.

Dusty. xxx
Out of picu!

She has been released back to her normal floor. She had a form of sepsis called SIRS (Systemic inflammatory response syndrome). Basically a way of saying sepsis and she had soo much antibiotics already in her system that they cannot figure out what bug it is so again she is on a cocktail of IV Zosyn/Vanco. They made an assumption it came from her gut which was treated with that cocktail and help recently. She finally turned the corner in her sleep last night. She still has a higher heart rate but I am sure some of that is surgical pain related. Her last fever was last night. Today she honestly is a completely different kid. She was super sick, dizzy, gasping for air. Scariest thing I have ever witnessed. We have introduce food and she is outputting out of her end ileostomy well. Just hoping this is it and we can go home in a few days. Her wounds don't look very good right now. For some stupid reason they put tegaderm down under her ostomy flange and it leaked all over her ex-lap wound. Really just hope the poop that got on it didn't get in it at all.

We got the results from the liver biopsy. It was negative for PSC. I am so relieved to hear this news. I have to say just thinking she had it for a brief time changed my outlook on life completely. I think it has forever changed me. Never been so thankful as I am now.

We have taken the highest road I can find by going to an end ostomy. At this point I just need her far away from the hospital for a long time. They spared a bit of her rectium for a later connection when she wants it on her terms.

This week has been one of the worst experiences ever. The PICU at our hospital has a wall of dedications to the fighters that have been in there for long periods of time. Many of them didn't make it. So I was and am still very shaken up. Sorry I didn't post earlier today. I have been crazy moving floors, packing, unpacking and showering... There was not a shower in her room like I am used to. Needless to say I am sure I stunk.


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MEGA hugs to you Mary…:ghug::ghug::ghug:…and what a joy to read that Rowan is now heading in the right direction, bless her. :heart:

Oh Mary, what an awful time you have had with both the post op complications and the PSC diagnosis hanging over your head. I am just so very happy and relieved for you that you are now seeing your beautiful lass shining through once again and you don’t have to face the burden and uncertainty of another diagnosis.

Sending much love, healing thoughts and well wishes your way for Rowan’s continued recovery and your continued strength and awesomeness!

Dusty. xxx


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I haven’t heard of anyone personally Mary and neither of mine had Seprafilm used.

Thinking of you both. :ghug:

Dusty. xxx
I am happy to read Rowan is starting to feel better and super HAPPY on the PSC results!!!! That is great news! (It reminds me of when Danny was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis for a few months and then it got ruled out.) I really hope things get more peaceful for you!
I am Doing a happy dance right now about the negative PSC!!!!!!!
Soooo happy for that news. I am also so happy to hear she has turned the corner and is doing better. Fingers triple crossed that she heals up quickly and goes home and no more hospitals for a very long time!
Hopefully the issue is not related to the seprafilm and just a coincidence. I have friends around the world praying for her and we will continue to do so. Hopefully you can get a little rest now yourself. Continuing to send prayers and hugs. Update us when you can!
Really ecstatic to hear no PSC and that she is improving! Sounds like it has been a real nightmare for you! [[[[HUGS]]]]


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Oh Mary, soooooo happy that the PSC was only an awful scare!!! I can only imagine your relief and can certainly understand how it can change your perspective on life! Wow, just so happy that it was negative and she's starting to feel better.

And, joining Kim in the happy dance that she's turned the corner! I hope you can get a bit of rest now... :ghug:


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Praise God! I have been praying ever since you first uttered PSC that those suspicions would be eventually ruled out. I am so happy for you and so glad she is out of ICU. Thanks for giving me a reason to smile on this dreary New England day!
So happy about the negative Psc. Really hope when you Rowan home that you get your wish and be done with hospitals for a long time. Really hope you and Rowan get home soon
Apparently biopsy is not the gold standard I thought it was for PSC. So we still have to do a MRCP but I am waiting a while. Get her out of the hospital setting for a while. They did take two biopsies so I feel a bit better about it. I spoke with a bunch of people from the Partners Seeking Cure website and they said it is often wrong. :(
So sorry I missed all of this. What an awful time you have had :(. Have everything crossed that they are not wrong and PSC IS negative.

Really hope she is well enough to go home really soon.

Tons of hugs :ghug::ghug::ghug:



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Ugh, just what you don’t need…:(:(:(…another disease where biopsies can be iffy. :ghug:

Thinking of you Mary and sending mega loads of love and luck your way! :Karl:

Dusty. xxx
Yeah it stinks, but I have hope. I spoke with the liver specialist at our hospital and he talked directly to the pathologist and was told her liver was perfect in every way usually there are signs of other overlapping diseases as well associated with Cholangitis like AIH Auto-Immune Hepatitis and small ductal Cholangitis so he seems pretty confident she doesn't have it so that was really reassuring because before he thought based on her MRE she did but he said the film could be off as an MRE is not a MRCP and they might be seeing the pancreas divisum instead. She will have an MRCP but they plan to schedule it around her next "procedure" not that we know what that is but everyone is sure she will have something in need of imaging and sedation. :( So I have hopes for a happy ending. Regardless I am still hanging out with my very high walls around me and my family. She is feeling well we are actually going to the mall today to do some x-mas shopping. :eek:

Very thankful to be home.


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Good to hear that you are home again Mary…:ghug:

I so hope Rowan’s recovery continues to go well and your Christmas is a very happy and peaceful one. :heart:

Dusty. xxx
I hope everyone had a great holiday. We did... the kids were very happy to be home this year. I just got some of Rowan test results back and all is normal or close to normal beyond her PLT are 720 and Sed Rate is 50. CRP was normal, WBC are 14.3 so improving. Granted she has been out of PICU and had SIRS so I am hoping these numbers come down. Her surgery was Dec 3rd. How accurate is sed rate and does surgery effect it a lot? Should I be concerned she always notoriously has high platelets usually ranging from 450-700. Granted they haven't ran any baseline tests until now so I guess I am at square one. Right?

I am thinking of trying to get her on LDN prophylactically because she still has a rectum and it should help in theory. Also being indeterminate now we are waiting for the CD shoe to drop. I really don't want to wait is it wrong I want to get her on LDN now. The GI wants to leave her drug free to basically wait for a flare for diagnosing. I don't want to do that. I am sick to death of being at the hospital. Does anyone agree with me or am I an awful person for wanting to get her on LDN. Her GI doesn't approve. I know that without even asking so I was planning to seek counsel with a holistic pediatrician MD in our area.

Anyone ever have a GI mad at you for using LDN without their approval?
Glad you had a good Christmas :D.

No one would think anything but admiration for anything you do for Rowan!! Surely anyone in your position would do anything in their power to help their child.

I have found somewhere in the UK who will prescribe LDN and have seriously considered getting it for J.

Can you get it easily for her???

Hugs xxx
Glad you all managed to be home for Christmas. I don't blame you for wanting to get her onto the LDN now. After all she has been through, it would be great if you could try to prevent things happening rather than just reacting.

my little penguin

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Ours was willing to try LDN AFTER dx - we however were not willing .

I think the thing is in order to prescribe the med any med you really need a dx.
Since some meds can mask what may be really going on.

It hard to watch kids suffer
However as many of us have seen on here
Dx is key
I have a friend whose child was dx with crohn's for over a year
Devastated to have the dx pulled after a year and left with nothing to go on
After another year an autoimmune disorder was dx and now the right treatment is getting her in a good place - the whole thing took close to three years .
But without the right dx and right meds she wouldn't be in the good place now.

We thought allergy was responsible for all of DS 's issues and had lots of tests confirming this . But thankfully we had a good allergist who sent us to a Gi since that wasn't the full story .

Please try to be open and honest with your GI
On what your concerns are and why ...
I'm so happy you got to have Christmas at home.

Ok I've written this and erased it a few times. I don't want to offend.

Rowen has how much intestine remaining?
IF she does have Crohn's and it does flare, does she stand to lose the part it flares in?
Since her UC was horrible does that mean her possible crohn's would be to?

These are just questions I would ponder with the doc (which I'm sure you have).

I would not wait. This is just my opinion. She has been through enough.

I do agree about taking to the GI about your feeling. But at the end of the day it's YOUR kid!.

Ask our local pharmacist about Docs that prescribe LDN.

Love ya both. We got to get the girls together sometime.
Grace will teach Rowan the fine art of cow skiing.:ylol:
MLP, totally get what your saying but at this point it is either UC or Crohns we are dealing with, both can be treated with LDN. Beyond that the PSC shouldn't be effected with LDN as according to the doctors nothing helps it. I am just sick of waiting around for the shoe to drop and there have been a lot of shoes. I am thinking starting now before a flare would be best.

I do plan to let the GI know she is on it and I plan to be upfront about it. Basically... I went to a new pediatrician and she put her on LDN because I told her you wouldn't and why. Hoping they aren't annoyed but I don't have a ton of options being she is intolerant to Mesalamine. She currently is having some minor bleeding which is not out of the ordinary after surgery but cuffitis is basically UC of the rectal cuff, I wouldn't warrant a big gun but I am also not willing to continue giving her hydrocortisone enemas for 2cm of rectal cuff.

I hope it all works out and she can just be well. I don't even know it will work but I am willing to give it a go to try to avoid other meds, with the PSC this really leaves us in a pickle of a place being so many drugs effect the liver.

I will also be taking her to a rheumatologist. I really need LDN to work.

Her Current Diagnosis: UC and Biliary Stricture:(


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Platelets will definitely be elevated post op and while ever Rowan has any degree of bleeding going on. I would start trending from now, so as you say, this is square one.

If I had been through what you have Mary I think I would likely be thinking as you are. Whilst I am certainly in two minds…having a clear diagnosis versus being pro-active…I guess I would still lean toward pro-active. You know that either way Rowan has IBD and it goes without saying that all drugs have potential side effects now matter how inoffensive they appear on the surface. If LDN doesn’t work for Rowan you will have your answer soon enough if it is CD. If on the other hand it is UC then at some point down the track you can venture a trial of withdrawal of LDN if need be.

I’m so, so sorry to hear about the biliary stricture Mary. :ghug:

Thinking of you. :heart:

Dusty. xxx
Thanks for the support. It is scary being in Dx pergatory but at this point I think she just needs a break. I have been let down so many times with meds inducing remission. Then surgery wasn't one either.

Farmwife, she isn't considered short gut yet, according to her surgeon she still has a lot of small intestines. They did save 2 feet of intestines with this last surgery... Thank god! Regardless the jpouch was a 10-12cm when it was removed.

The only good feeling I do have is that she did go 6 months med free without any issues so maybe it is UC. The jury is still out. I just can't see waiting around for a flare and then having to scramble at that time to get LDN and to wait for it to work. Not going to lie, part of me worries she will be the odd person whom gets an over active immune system from it.

Looking at her now you wouldn't even know anything had happened. It is crazy when I think back to all she has been though, it is all surreal sometimes. Like it happened to someone else and how did we survive and are not in a padded room or me arrested for attacking a resident. I am very thankful at the same time scared to death to wait for a flare.


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Mary, I certainly don't blame you for wanting to be preventative at this point! Although her GI doesn't want to prescribe LDN, do you know how she feels if you go ahead and use it anyway?

If/when you are able to get more info on LDN, I'll think it'll make your decision a bit easier. I would reach out any- and everywhere that I could - so, beyond the holistic ped, see if your pharmacy can direct you to a doctor that prescribes LDN (even if not for a child or for IBD, just to get their opinion on LDN), if the pharmacy won't give you doctor's names (ours wouldn't), perhaps contact Skip's pharmacy in Florida and see if they can put you in touch with a doctor you can speak with...

As was said above, there are risks with any drug but I think, having as much info as possible, will help you decide if moving ahead with the LDN brings greater or lower risks compared to 'waiting' for a flare.

Yes I agree. My doctor actually prescribe it for a couple of MS patients and it has worked well for them. I need more info though. I just spoke with her GI and he didn't seem too thrilled but also said he would look further into its use prophylactically for her UC. He also said he worries with her elevated sed rate and platelet counts that she currently has something brewing. Sucks... Repeat labs on the 16th. If they don't come down an ileoscope is next.

I just want this to end already. I just want to cry. An hour ago I was fine and now I just cannot seem to get my mind under control.

I am just scared of the drugs now. I am scared we will get some cancer or liver disease progression. I just cannot wrap my head around any of this. I feel very depressed now.

If she had inflammation going into the surgery and wasn't being treated for it after surgery should it have just went away on its own?

my little penguin

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Do you have someone to talk to who has experience with parents of medically complicated kids?
That can really help since we tend to go to the worse case scenario ( who can blame us since that has happened more than once to most of us)

Hope the blood work decreases soon.

never easy when the numbers don't do what we want.


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Its no wonder you can't get your mind under control! There are so many variables right now... I don't know how you're not completely overwhelmed already. :ghug: :ghug: :ghug:

Until labs on the 16th, you're sort of 'on hold'... take a bit of time to really consider each option 'individually', ie

- if you leave her without meds, what would be the benefits (no drugs, perhaps a clearer picture of what is going on in her body) or the negatives (possible flare) - do you want to risk another flare? If not, that is basically your decision and leave the onus on the doctor to convince you otherwise... if their reasons aren't strong enough, you have already made your decision.

- if you determine the risk of a flare is too great, what drug options do you have? What harm can come from a short trial of LDN and then revisit the usage in three months. Can you give it three months to see if she can stabilize with LDN. If she flares, then you have explored this option and can move on knowing that something else is needed. If she stays stable, you can further evaluate the safety of continuing on with LDN.

- If her labs on the 16th do, in fact, indicate active inflammation/flare, what are your options? Are her doctors suggesting immunosuppressants? I think your preference right now is to just keep her out of the hospital and let her body heal a bit. As with the LDN, if the immunosuppressants can get her into remission and let her body heal, then maybe immunosuppressants are the right route for now. You can again revisit when she's stable if the risks with the immunosuppressants are simply too high. Once she's stable, you can then reconsider the possibility of LDN.

Mary, I know I'm sooo oversimplying your decisions with Rowan but, mainly I'm just trying to suggest you give yourself a break and LIMIT yourself to considering only one option, one possibility, one outcome at a time. Let yourself come to some tentative decisions and then deal with the circumstances as they come, knowing you will, at least, be moving ahead from an already-made tentative decision.

I don't know if any of this helps, I wish I could do more for you. :ghug:
You guys have been through so much. I can't help but agree with being proactive. Especially now that he is saying maybe something else is going on. LDN Thank God has been a life saver for us. So I would recommend it but remember I am biased. I am also taking ldn personally for my fibromyalgia.while it has not helped me as much as Caitlyn I definitlytly do notice a difference if I forget to take it. About the sed rate I know it does take time to decrease postop.I would say not to panic over it yet. About the high platelets you said she has had that for a while so this might be her norm. I am going to look up some stuff when I get home and will let you know what I find. Hang in there!
Well she is starting to flare now. She is actively bleeding on her ileostomy. When I spoke with the GI he said typically a CD with an ileostomy starts right there at the ileostomy. I change her flange 2 days ago and it was bleeding and it looks no different today. I think this is CD now that I can see it with my own eyes. Sickens me, her a pediatrician out her on a Cipro for painful urination even though her UA rapid dip was negative. Maybe it will help her out of this flare. So what do I do now. Ugh! Which meds don't effect the liver? 6mp, Imuran, Remi right? Which ones are a pill?...she flips out about IVs.

my little penguin

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6-mp and Imuran are pills
Remi =iv although my kiddo didn't like real Iv's but remi iv is very different
Humira or Mtx shot

All can affect the liver
6-mp or Imuran can but
Only if the body shunts it to the liver
Some kiddos have normal liver function
Others like mine the med just kept going to the liver.

Mtx can affect the liver more than 6-mp or Imuran

Jury is out on remicade or humira and liver
We do not test alt or ast as closely anymore
Once every 6 weeks at first now every 2-3 months

What did the Gi suggest next ?
6-mp is a tiny pill but can definitely affect the liver. A was only able to stay on it for a few months before it caused hepatitis. She's on mtx injections now so we're hoping for better effects. I've had 4 doctors now tell me that just because she didn't tolerate 6-mp doesn't mean she won't tolerate mtx.

These decisions are difficult ones so prayers to you during this difficult time.
I'm sorry Mary I don't have much to add.
A mother's intuition is always right.
Sorry, I hope she finds relief soon.


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Godammit Mary...:ghug::ghug::ghug:...will this bloody disease give you guys a break already! :(

Sending mega loads of love and warm squishy hugs your way and the hope that there will be better and brighter days in the not too distant future. :Karl:

In my thoughts,
Dusty. xxx
Sorry to hear that! The only meds we have experience with are Aza (failed because it was really hard on the liver) and Mercaptopurine which comes as a liquid as well as tablets. It is less harsh on the liver but not sure if it is an option for you.
Sending you guys a huge hug! Have you looked into anymore about LDN? I looked up whether it affects the liver. It seems there was one study done where mega doses were given that had negative affects on the liver but it doesn't sound like a very good study because number one the doses were much higher then normal use even normal use for the drug and alcohol addiction that naltrexone was originally prescribed for and secondly it sounds like those patients already had liver issues. In other studies done where proper doses of a Ldn have been used an improvement in liver enzymes has actually been seen. It may really be worthwhile looking into it for her.


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So sorry to hear this Mary! :( I have no advice re the meds.

I believe Dexky's son was diagnosed with PSC and uses Humira. I believe he has been on humira for a number of years and has done well with it...

You may have done this already but, also ask on the EIM subforum... there may be others with similar liver concerns.

:ghug: :ghug: :ghug:
Been reading, Mary, and cannot believe it really.
I don't know how you're still sane.
And little Rowan. God, no words, really for what she must feel.

I wonder if her pouchitis was due to having Crohn's, that spread to the small bowel.

Will be watching for updates. No advice, just sympathy.
Well it seems fine today. So maybe I am crazy or maybe she keeps bumping her ostomy. Who knows. I was pretty freaked out but as I talked to the other CD ostomy moms none of them ever saw CD bleed on the ostomy. So I feel a bit better. Regardless they plan to start giving me all the drug information so I can be prepared to dose her. At this point it looks like Imuran is our best options as though it can effect the liver it also can be used to treat PSC. So hoping that works I am still search for LDN and her GI promised to look into it for her prophylactically. Which I hope he really does. Otherwise I still plan on going in with all my paperwork on it prepared to not take no for an answer. Waiting until the 16th for that appt.

She is having bladder spasms as well now so they are starting her on Oxybutynin for that which I see says not to take if you have UC. Confused now even more.
I hope the bleeding stops.
I know Grace's g-tube is prone to bleed. Of course when your doing back flips and crawling it will happen. Lol

I'm interested in the bladder med. I was told by her urologist the he wants to stay away from them because all of the (he named 3 meds) cause constipation and since she has suspected mobility issues, that he wanted to avoid those of we can.
Since starting mtx she hasn't had any bladder pain.


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I so hope the issues with the ostomy can easily be explained away Mary. :ghug:

Good luck with the Imuran, I hope it doesn’t cause any liver issues for Rowan, bless her. :heart:

I think the Oxybutynin is more of an issue with an intact colon but perhaps something to watch if any remaining large bowel is inflamed??

You are both I’m my thoughts and prayers. :ghug:

Dusty. xxx
Quick update. Sed rate and PLT are normal now. Thank God. We stopped giving the oxybutynin bc it was counter productive. Still having same symptoms if they persist we will do an MRI of spinal column per urologist and a cystoscope . Doctors suspect either nerve damage from all the surgeries or possibly a neurological issue causing all of her issues. Trying a homeopathic medicine call Heed/BMI uri-control. A mixture of herbs in capsule form recommended from a holistic advisor. Fingers crossed.

Ostomy issues have resolved on their own.

GI refused LDN saying no studies show prophylactic results. Of course there are none. Grrr! Seeking Rx elsewhere.


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Thanks so much for the update Mary! :)

It is so good to hear that her ostomy and labs are doing great! :dusty:

Fingers, toes and everything crossed that the urinary issues soon follow suit. Good luck!

Dusty. xxx

Leaving for vacation. Boy has it been rough year in Michigan. Ditching the snow for some Vitamin D! All is well just checking in an lurking. Hope everyone is well!

Try living up here. :ymad:

I hope you all have a wonderful time.:hug:

Think of Grace and I while we shovel ourselves out of another snowstorm.:tongue:


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Things can always be worse :eek:... we've had a brutal winter here as well and was just speaking with a friend... her entire street has been under construction since January and she's had no access to her driveway from then until last week, has had to find parking on side streets, grocery shopping meant 3 or 4 trips back and forth to car, garbage/recycling had to be taken to a designated spot every few days, etc.! :eek: Having heard this, I was suddenly so grateful for my garage! :lol: