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Rowasa Enema Tips and Tricks


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My daughter is on Remicade but over the last year or so she has been having a good deal of trouble with her sigmoid colon and rectum. She was recently put on prednisone because her ESR and CRP are up but we are tapering those and switching docs. She has tried Cortafoam which made matters worse. The new doc wants her to start daily Rowasa. She lives in a dorm room but has a separate section of the room and we can hang a curtain to give her a some privacy. She shares a bathroom with just one other suitemate.

So far we are thinking she will do the enemas before bed. We read that Rowasa can stain things so we are thinking of buying those pads that they put on hospital beds and a crappy set of sheets we don't mind losing. We are also thinking of getting adult diapers as she has a white rug and if she has to run to the bathroom that could get messy.

Any other tips and tricks that people have used?

Luckily she will be home for Thanksgiving so she will have two nights at home to try to work things out before going back to school.


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I would also consider a waterproof mattress pad - the incontinence pad is a very good idea too.....

I would try to go to the bathroom before using the enema, have pillows, a book, music etc. readily available to limit the amount of movement.....

Good luck, I remember having to use them years ago, never had any accidents thankfully!