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Ruining my life

So this medication does work for me, I feel much better now that I'm on it (25 mg/ per week injection for 1.5 years) but my doctor said he can't give me anymore and I'm still not better, plus this stuff makes me so ill! I feel sometimes like I feel just as bad from this stuff as my Crohn's!
Kidney pain, upset stomach, extreme nausea, exhaustion, and more. so I take it Friday nights before bed as to sleep through the worst of it, but then my Saturday's are shot, but I can't give up a weekday for work and classes for this stuff, but now I'm missing my fun day...how does everyone else balance that?


Naples, Florida
That sounds terrible, I'm sorry you're having to go through that :(

If you're not in remission and the doctor can't change your dosage, maybe it's time for a new medication. Have you tried the tnf blockers such as Remicade, Humira, or Cimzia?

Or hopefully others might be able to give you some tips for managing your side effects.
It has been a long time since I have been on Methotrexate but I can tell you that I felt like that whenever I was on the Imuran. Dont hesitate to call your doctor and keep bugging them to let them know how horrible you are feeling.

I was switched to Remicade, a lot less side effects for me but I still seem to be on the cycle of 2-3 good days followed by 3-4 bad days. Thats a different story though.

Some medications just dont click with certain people. I would ask your doctors what your other options are then when they start you on something be sure to ask them all about it, such as side effects, any risks, and why they reccomend it for you, and what will be the next step if it doesnt work.
TIme to change your doctor and Medication.. I have tried Humira and i'm on Cimzia it seems to be working most of the time....
I would ask a second opinion :/
Maybe another doctor understands your problems better and helps you in finding the right dosage...