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Rx: Pack the Imodium for Vacation

I have a question that I hope you can answer. I had a dr appt last week. I told him I was going on vacation (a cruise/first time) and asked him if he had any suggestions for me. Besides the usual: wash hands, eat cooked food, etc, then I told him that we were going to be going on a few excursions including ziplining, hiking. He said, "Wonderful! Just remember to take Imodium." This kind of threw me since my last doc had put me on Imodium for 2 solid weeks before vacation AND for the entire 2 weeks we were away... this, naturally turned into an emergency visit to the hospital due to a bout w/a very itchy rash all over my body...
So, I do trust this doc (truly...) but on 1 hand am nervous about the imodium working too well (imagine being bound up??? geez, maybe that'd be a good thing...) or, gastly it NOT working and soiling myself as I zip along the line...
Mentally I WAS prepared but am now getting anxious about being overzealous in our excursion choices (maybe it will rain and the zip will be canceled...) Getting back on topic... WWYD? Also, anyone know how effective imodium is? Should I take 2 the night before and 2 that morning? Thanks in advance!
:) Jan
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I don't usually take Imodium, but on my last vacation I did. I went on a 3 hour zipline excursion, 650 feet above the Costa Rican rainforest. Once you go up the 20 minute gondola ride, there is no other way down but by zipline. And of course, no bathrooms, with the occasional tree to hide behind on the zipline stops on the way down. I took just one imodium the night before, and one the day of. I don't usually take it because I don't like that backed up, can't go kind of feeling. It worked for me although I also don't have terrible D even when I'm actively flaring. The important thing....try not to think about it, try not to stress it. That'll just make it worse. Enjoy your time, you will be SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you did it! Have fun and don't forget to scream as loud as you can on your way down the line.
Whenever I have to go on a long excursion and I know that toilet access will be tough, I take one small immodium tablet the morning of the trip. If I feel any problems brewing, I take two. It works well for me and no problems so far. My doctor suggested it also. He said just the stress relief was worth it and it's true.
I'm with ThanksP on this. I don't often have diarrhoea, but I keep Imodium handy just in case. I only take it if I have a bout of the runs at an awkward time, it does bung me up pretty quickly and takes a few days to get back to normal. So I only take it very rarely! If you're looking for something you can take throughout your vacation, I have heard good things about psyllium husk (thanks to Dusty's Roo!) they soak up the excess water in your stool so it's more formed. Just make sure you build up the amount slowly, and drink plenty of water, to avoid your stools getting too firm.