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SAT Tests online help


I've just seen this email from Khanacademy about free online tests and help for SATs which may be of use to some of you (I'm assuming its a quite important exam in the US).

I've used this website for many years and it has been of great use

My son just took the SAT on Saturday while in a flare....ughhh. We've used Khan academy before for various things. It is an awesome site.
They were just offering the pre- SAT for Jack. I think we will wait though since they are changing the test and it will just be when he has to take it that the first changes are supposed to be in place.
We love Khan academy as well. I've used it to watch math lessons so I was able to help with math homework.
Hope C did well on the test despite the flare
Jmrogers4,thanks I hope so too but I told him we'd not worry about this set a scores and use them to see where he needs to focus before taking it again. I think that may have taken some anxiety away.

Btw, C was asking for me to hold him back a couple of years so he can take the new one coming out! Ha something about not having to worry with the essay.
Yeah and taking out words that nobody uses... Apparently it is supposed to come out 2016 and Jack graduates 2017 so he would be among the first to take the new test. He is thrilled about no essay, he does not like writing.


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I heard there is still an essay it is just "optional". My luck all the schools O applies to will require the essay anyway. Just like the test optional schools for my older daughter. She applied and then they said, "oh! for your major you have to take the test"...ergh!


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Do U.S. colleges/universities not use high school marks for admissions at all? Is it all based on these SAT tests?
Most US schools use test scores and grades. At least the schools we've looked into do.

This is all interesting because DS's whole English curriculum is based on prepping for the tests. Every quarter they get quizzed on words used on the tests. It's like 80+ words that he has to memorize and be able to use in context. I'm thinking I'm not going to tell him about the changes coming up!


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It's both - grades really matter but so do the SAT/ACT. The whole college process is a nightmare, so stressful! I just got my older daughter settled, and now I find myself having to start the process with my younger one!
Nope I refuse to stress about C's! I went through it with my daughter who will soon be a college senior(if she doesn't change her major once again!) With C I am so taking the laid back approach and I have even brought up state colleges and Jr. College in an effort to avoid the stress and pressure. C's GPA is phenomenal but the stress of taking the SAT while in a flare was awful. So from here on in it is just go with the flow. Ha, you guys think I've convinced myself?


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Hah you almost convinced me!
It's not really getting my girls to do stuff, both are very good about staying on top of things, but it's watching them have take test after test - SATs and ACTs and APs and then slave over college essays and then watching them get inevitably get rejected from a couple schools. The irony is, a year later, they all end up happy wherever they are but at the time it's all so stressful!


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I need wine now after typing that!

Also Clash - tell C to look into score choice if he hasn't already. Many schools participate in score choice meaning that they would only look at his highest scores. Other schools (like the ivy league, for example) don't participate in it, and want to see all your scores though they claim they only look at the highest.


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I have had the US school/college/university system explained to me, well lets just say a 'few' times, and I still don't get it. I have reached the point where I am like a 'hearing challenged' person who is too embarrassed to keep saying pardon so they just nod and act like they know what is going on! :lol:

Happy SAT's! :ycool: