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Saturday gone awry


Chief Dandelion Picker
Hi all:

Am feeling the need to vent because it's 2:30 p.m. and I had planned to be at the bottom of a swimming pool with a scuba tank and a bunch of other people and some skills and games right about now. Instead, I'm home making regular trips to see Mr. Commode.

My stomach has been doing really well since October 15. That's two weeks! And it chose today OF ALL DAYS to go to pot!

I already can't go diving outdoors in Canada because I can't take the weight of the equipment (you need to wear a thicker suit to dive in cold water, which requires lots of weights to balance it out, and -- we think because of the anemia -- I can't breath with all that weight on my back). So, I'm stuck diving in swimming pools for the forseeable future. It's all I've got! And opportunities to go swimming pool diving don't come around every day -- probably since Everyone Else would rather dive in a lake! So today, I thought the time had come to dive for the first time since May -- and, no dice.

I feel irresponsible for cancelling, disappointed to the max, and just plain not thrilled.

There. Rant complete. Time to move on (not to mention make another trip to the aforementioned washroom).

Thanks for listening.
Such a frustrating feeling! My friend's dad offered me a ticket to go to a football game and I had to decline because I couldn't be sure I'd feel well enough.


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Awwww Kelly that sux big time. Sending you loads of squishy hugs and hope it makes you feel even a teensy bit better..............................


Take care hun, :rosette2:


Chief Dandelion Picker
Feeling better today, thanks. Got out to a party last night - just sat at a table and chatted, so it wasn't too taxing. Oh, but I did do a rousing rendition of I Wanna Hold Your Hand on Beatles Rock Band.

Still irked about the scuba, though! ;)
Kelly, I feel for you. Ranting is a good thing in these situations. Hope you are having a better day today. Michele