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Does anyone have any experience with the sauna?

I find it really helps with inflammation - does anyone else?


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New York, USA
I LOVE taking sauna...unfortunately we don't have one close to me....I have never noticed a difference with inflammation though.....
A sauna is a hot air bath or sweat bath. You take a sauna in a special, insulated room that keeps the air still and heat in. There is a heat source in the room to transfer heat to your body. The heat in a sauna comes from rocks heated in a fire or an infrared radiator. The heat source may only heat the air, or it may also produce steam which makes it feel hotter.
Any heat for me feels nice. Sauna, hot tub, bathtub, blanket. Just relaxes me which will relax the guts too.
I use an infrared sauna (dry sauna) 3-4 times a week. It has been amazing. I highly recommend trying it out, as it is great for a lot of Crohn's issues.

I have found that it specifically helps with my sore/stiff joints, stomach, eczema, and stress relief/relaxation.
I tried it out and it definitely helps me if I am feeling pain or discomfort at the time. However, it does not seem to help my inflammation or long term health noticeably...


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I haven't tried going in a sauna since I've been ill, but high heat and humidity in general tend to cramp up my guts pretty terribly, so I think a sauna would be a very bad idea for me. We're currently in a heat wave - 103 degrees F and very humid right now - and I've been staying in the air conditioning as much as possible, but even so I've been more crampy and feeling a bit worse than usual. Oddly enough heating pads help my guts, so I'm not sure if it's the combo of both heat & humidity together that causes me to cramp up, but at any rate I don't think a sauna would be good for me.