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Savings Card, as low as $5

Abbvie sent me a booklet with 27 thick pages with info on how to use their drug Humira and why. It also included a savings card to pay as little as $5 with a phone number for activation and connecting with a Nurse Ambassador to answer any concerns about Humira and how to get the most savings.


Luckily I just found out I'm covered and start next Monday.
San Diego
Yes, these programs are common. I'm on a similar program from Janssen for my Stelara. Copayment is a maximum of $5.

Unfortunately they are usually only for people covered in employer-provided health insurance that includes drug coverage. Patients covered under government plans such as Medicaid or Medicare are not eligible.
And to add that these programs also only apply to the US usually. I haven't heard of any outside the US.

Lynda Lynda

My Humira Nurse Ambassador referred me to a program they have to get my Humira for free. A foundation funds the medicine. I have to fill out a form, supply them with a copy of my insurance card and a medication list and also write the foundation a letter. Maybe it is only for people will no money, as I only receive SSD benefits and no other "income." I will fax everything over to them this week. My doctor also sends them a fax, one form he fills out . If I dont get approved I cannot afford the Humira. I have a Medicare complete insurance plan through Unitedhealthcare.

Good luck,
My doctor wants me on Stellara but we can't approved until I fail Humira, and it's still going to a difficult approval for the $30,000 to $70,000 yearly bill. These drugs are legal extortion.