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Saw the doctor...

I didn't have the energy to post about this yesterday so I'm posting it now before I go back to sleep a little longer.
It was a very successful appointment with my family doctor...

1. I asked if I could be on something stronger than Cipro/Flagyl given my symptoms during this flare, and asked if I could have Prednisone...she said yes. So I start with 25mg and reduce by 5mg per week. :D

2. She carefully read over the list of my symptoms (I wrote them all out on a piece of paper, week by week) and yet again felt baffled over what could be the cause of it all. She wrote my name on the list and kept it. When I told her that meat made me vomit she cracked a joke (I forget what she said) and started laughing - turn out she's been a vegetarian for over 20 years.

3. She told me she will continue to treat my flares even if I don't get a diagnosis (i REALLY hope she keeps up to that).

4. She wrote me a quick note for income tax just stating that I am on the gluten-free diet for Celiac disease.

5. She gave me a req for x-rays of the hands/feet/lower back to test for psoriatic arthritis (she agrees that there may be a connection between my psoriasis flaring and the back flaring). Not sure when I will get a chance to get those done, or where. I guess when I go back to the city.

6. She said it is good that I am being re-tested for low oxygen and sleep apnea (my respirologist decided this on Tuesday). She thinks the reason the low oxygen-specific test didn't show anything is because it may have different standards. The problem is that to get oxygen therapy covered by the drug plan it has to be the oxygen-specific test that shows it. (To explain, I am still suffering from near daily severe headaches and dizziness, and many causes have been ruled out).

7. She told me to let her know how the Prednisone effects the possible psoriatic arthritis...she wants to know if it does indeed help the psoriasis AND the flaring back at the same time, because Prednisone is an option to treating psoriatic arthritis. I'm curious to see, too!

And that's it...


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Very good news, Habs! I'm glad you get to go on pred and I hope it makes you feel a lot better! Sounds like you've got a pretty good doctor and I hope she can answer some of your questions and continue to treat your flares effectively. I'm in a similar situation - undiagnosed, and my GI said he'd treat any future flare-ups with Entocort. I'd prefer pred, since it's cheaper and works faster for me, but if it's Entocort or nothing then I'll happily take the Ento. Plus it is nice not having to deal with the side effects of pred. I hope you don't experience too many side effects. I've only ever been on pred for a few days at a time so I mostly experienced some insomnia and that was it.

Have you found out anything about when you're getting your CTE? Soon I hope!
I am really happy you have such a great doctor and are being treated finally!I really do hope you will get better soon, hopefully this new medication will help you!Please take care and keep us updated!

kisses, Aya
Good luck with the Pred. It always worked wonders for me. I would bet that it will help the psoriatic arthritis. It would clear up some mild Psoriasis type redness I had on my face when I took it for Crohn's. But I wonder if 25mg is a strong enough dose?
Have you been on it before?


Sounds like your doc is a gem! Glad you got a good report and hope you start feeling better soon on the pred.

- Amy
Thanks everyone, I am very blessed to have her!

Only twice I had started on 50mg of Pred and reduced by 10 mg per week then down to 5mg the last week, but after I got diagnosed with High blood pressure the doctors don't want me to be on stronger than 25mg.

I am feeling better after just today. Still have the inflammation but only had one BM and it wasn't urgent diarrhea and non-bloody, even after I ate meat!

Downside is it made me sleep all day. I remember it did that last time, made me very fatigued my first few days of taking it, probably just my body trying to get used to it. I LOVE PRED!
Damn the side effects of Pred. Already having the swelling, more tiredness, and I'm miserable today after being all giddy last night (thanks mood swings!).
I just gotta keep convincing myself that its worth it...
mood swings and sleeping like a log, thats pred for me. Once I was put on 70mg for a day or two and that is another story! CRAZY! But the stuff works like a charm when taken in lower doses, 20-30mg for a like a week, then taper.
Day 8 and I am doing AMAZING. ALL symptoms I have been suffering from are gone. I am just left with the annoying side effects. But I can live with those, those do not make me suffer! (much).
3 weeks in and still doing amazing. I have been able to eat any vegetable and even red meat with zero reaction! Sad I am on it for only 2 more weeks. Today I am down to 10mg/day. If I could I'd be on Pred forever. Only downside (which I have another forum post about in the "Treatment" section) is the high blood pressure...but even that has not been high enough to send me to ER or anything like that.

I still feel so blessed that my doctor agreed to put me on Prednisone. It has made me all positive again that I CAN feel healthy and that i CAN beat the evil tummy. My depression over it has all gone out the window.
Great experience, congratulations! The doctor sounds very good, like she listens and really does care. And that in my books is hard to come across.
I am so thrilled that you are doing much better and have such a wonderful doctor who cares!Continue to keep being well!Best of wishes to you!<3

kisses, Aya


So glad you're feeling much better!
I loved Pred too, it saved my life! It's a shame we can't stay on it for maintenance!
I was on it for 11 months, it healed me good and proper, I'm in remission now with no symptoms, YAY!
hope you get there too hun