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Scalp rash

I think Humira has given me scalp psoriasis or a scalp rash. I've had a few weird things happen to my skin since I've been on Humira, but now I'm worried this stuff won't go away. My scalp feels like it's on fire and I have patches that are raw. Anyone have this problem? There's no point in calling the Humira line because all they do is take a report and give you zero advice. It's actually kind of a joke that nursing line.
I would follow up with a dermatologist, I know psoriasis is both cured and caused by Humira use (frustrating!). In the meantime, you could try a shampoo like Neutrogena T/Sal, it works well for my son
This exact thing happend to me after I had been on humira for about 4 months.

It took about a month but it went a away on its own. It has not returned.

I let my rheumatoligist know but by the time I had seen her it was gone.

She didnt know what it was.

I did a little research online, I think it may have been a fungal infection on my scalp. Although Im not a doctor so take that with a grain of salt. I had a lot of raised red pacthes on my scalp and my hair had thinned where it was.

It went away though! If it doesnt start to go away in few weeks give your doctor a call.