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Scar feels tight any advice

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The last few days my scar that they re-opened recently for surgery, has felt really stiff at the top its about 2 inches of it, the bit in and above my belly crease, its more when i stand up i don't sit for long periods of time so don't think its that, its healing lovely on the outside any ideas how to help or ease it?


I really think it's just your muscles and the skin healing itself. It's kind of like a scar over a wound. It's very tough and stiff. I am pretty sure it's just healing itself and when it's healed the skin and muscles will start to stretch out.
It could also be adhesions forming. Best thing to do is to stay as mobile as possible after surgery to break them while they are fine strands. Also, have you tried gently massaging the area or gentle excercise? I developed really bad adhesions in the pelvic area and boy does it let you know it's there. I've had by scar used 5 times now and in parts it is hard, in others it is numb and it almost has a life of it's own now...lol.


I can't help on this one but hope you find out whats wrong and it gets better soon.


Speaking of scars... If/when I decide to get pregnant, do scars stretch? I have a 7 inch slice down the middle.


Cant think of anything for that one.. maybe rubbing some vitamin E or Keri oil on it? hope it feels better soon!


Mama Crohnie
I think it's healing as well Donna, or it may just be that the scar tissue is bothering you a bit since it is still fresh. Your healing nicely as you say..so thats real good. I had the same problem at the tip of my scar, they had more then a few staples there, so it took a little longer to heal. I asked the doctor what I could put on it, he recommended Scar Esthetique it's a soothing vitiman cream (which Val had mentioned), to help in the aid of soothing scars.


Hiya Donna i used Coco butter Vit E and cicacare Silicon Gel it helped sooth my scar as the top 2 inches of it was red and raised.I got a prescription for it at the time from my doctor.
Boots do products for scars but ive only tried the above i mentioned.Coco butter works really well.
All the best and i hope your scar eases up for you soon.