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Scared of Humira and meraptopurine

I have been on Humira for almost 2 years. I still have inflammation so the doc wants me to take mercaptopurine along with the Hurmira. I am hesitant due to side effects with liver and cancer potential. My mother died with Cronic Lymphositic Lukemia and all her dad's siblings as well as her dad (grandfather) died with some form of cancer. Grandfather had pancreatic cancer. Last year a great aunt passed due to liver cancer. Just wanting to find another way. Doctor thinks this is the way. It sounds like I have a good chance at cancer anyway. I just don't want to push my luck. I guess we all face these issues. Any one know of any alternative medicine that works with Humira and not as toxic? Or a doctor in Dallas willing to try other means?
San Diego
How old are you? The cancer risk from 6-MP is pretty low, unless you are elderly.

The risk of cancer is real, but the risk from untreated or under-treated IBD is far greater. The greatest risk an IBD patient faces is not from the side effects of the drugs but from the failure to take the drugs. Untreated or uncontrolled Crohn's will wreck your health far faster and surer than 6MP will.
Thank You for your response. I am 56. And I can really feel the disease process, so I must come to an acceptance that I am not the healthy person I once saw myself.