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Scared of my seton

Well I guess I shouldn't say I'm scared of the Seton itself, I'm just afraid to do anything.

I had the surgery 1st on Sept 27th and 2weeks later it completely came out and I had to right back and have it done over. The doctor has no idea how it happened and has never even seen it happen so now I'm scared to even sit all the way down.

Does anyone know if its okay to do anything yet? I don't do anything to strenuous anyway just yoga and walking.


They can get loose and fall out. Mine is kind of hanging on for its life currently. I'd say aside from taking it easy the first few days after surgery you really should be able to do whatever you like. Sitting should be no issue but wiping after you goto the bathroom might be the issue. Pat down, don't wipe. Baby wipes are really helpful.
Its been over a month since I had it replaced but I'm still afraid it's going to come out again. I definitely haven't mastered wiping yet. Every time I feel it move I think I'm pulling it out so I stop and take a sits bath.

It still hurts a bit, kind of like its stabbing me. I just always take a tylenol or 2 because I think if I move it I'll pull it out.


It can hurt when it tangles up in there and also depending on the thickness and how much it protrudes. I wouldn't hesitate to discuss your concerns with the surgeon. I understand your fear but it was unlikely anything you did wrong so I'd just feel comfy and not think about it. Sitz baths are good and gentle wiping or patting the area.
Thanks. I think I'll try the baby wipes. I've been trying not to call the office so much because I feel like a pain but I probably should.