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Scared of reaction to remicade

Hello everyone
I am starting remicade next week for the first time, and I am so scared of all the scary reactions I have read about, if you have ever taken remicade have you had any scary reactions that I should know about please let me know of your experiences I am terrified lol
Thanks for the help
I have never had a reaction to remicade. In fact, I went into remission in 4 days after starting it. It has truly been a miracle drug for me.

I take tylenol and Solu-cortef prior to my infusion to prevent a reaction. I feel a little tired and sore from sitting all day long, but I am fine the next day.
Ive not had a scary reaction either....I think its been a miricle drug for me too....it has calmed my symptoms down, and thats what matters most!!

Hope it works for you, it seem to work very well for many people.

It never worked for me, but that was probably not helped by the stop-start way it was used due to recurrent abscesses and infections in my fistula. There were also funding issues. Eventually had to stop using it as I developed an intollerance to the drug. No side effects up to that point, just slightly tired after the infusion. I was given Hydrocortisone and Piriton by IV immediately prior to the infusion to guard against adverse reactions.



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I've not had any scary reactions either.....good luck with your treatment - may it be a miracle drug for you with no problems!
You will be fine...

If you start having uncontrollable cravings for peanut butter and cheese or develop Ailurophobia, then run for the hills! ;)
I tolerated it very well until I developed anti-bodies to it. Then it just became ineffective.

The only reaction I ever had was a temporary itchy rash during the infusion that lasted for maybe an hour.
I was on Remicade for over a year with no symptoms at all. Nothing. It was a miracle drug for me and got me almost immediately into remission and closed up several nasty fistulas. Like many others, it stopped working after a while, but please try not to worry too much. You will be fine! Good luck!

Don't be scared! Remicade was a miracle drug for me until I built up too many antibodies to it. But throughout this whole ordeal with Crohn's, the best I ever felt was while I was on the Remicade and it was working. I was basically symptom-free, except for some fatigue that went away a day or so after the infusion. Good luck!
I would not worry as you will be given probably pre meds like most people have to prevent anything from happening. yes there is a small chance of something that can happen but with any drug there are side effects. Do not worry, you should be fine as the benefits of the drug most of the time out weigh the risks involved. I used to take Remicade but built up the antibodies also against it. Before the infusion I would be given a small steriod, tylenol, and benedryl. I only had and have a strange reaction to benedryl when given through an IV. When it goes through there is a short period of time where my chest feels like it is closing up for breating and I cough for a few seconds. Then after I am fine and I get really tired.
During the infusion if they do give you benedryl relax as you will be tired. They always placed me on a bed with monitors and pleanty of warm blankets and let me sleep throughout the whole infusion. When I woke up I was unplugged from everything, IV taken out and I was ready to be driven home!!

Good luck with the Remicade you should be fine!!!
Probably the coolest thing about Remicade is that you are surrounded by medical professionals when you get it. They made me hang out for an hour afterward on the first infusion with strict instructions to call or go to the er if a list of side effects came up. Nothing ever happened though.
Had the first infusion yesterday!

Hey everyone
Thanks for all the support, I was really freaking out about a reaction, but thankfully everything went great, they just kept me overnight to watch for anything out of the ordinary, but I was released this morning, and feel great! So for those of you who took remicade I have another question, how long did it take for you to see a difference in stools blood pain etc.
Thanks again!
within a couple of days, closer to a week i noticed improvement. i was in a really bad flare and also on prednisone and a bunch of other medications though as well. most of my inflammation is low and supposdly its good for that?
I suffered severe muscle andjoint pain after my second infussion. Then on third I took benadryll and it was a lot better. Other than that nothing too crazy, minor side effects