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Scared of starting Entyvio

i am scared and depressed. i am starting a new medication entyvio gtc45. i hope it works.
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i been taking cimzia even though im not going to the bathroom as much i still getting. watery BM,s. the doctor wants to start me onthe new drug entivyeo. do you think i should stay with cimzia i am not getting any solid bms. im scared and need some support. is cimzia working if i am still getting watery bm,s i have to take colestipol which causes pain so i dont have many watery bm,s
The doctor must feel that the cimzia isn't working. And if you are in pain while on it, my thought would be that it isn't working. What scares you so much about the entyvio? Is it something about that med in particular or just having to change meds in general? I know that can be frustrating/overwhelming in and of itself.
My adult son has been dealing with CD since age 14. Now he is 36. He has gone through all the pills and steroids available since the 90s. He had a terrible allergic reaction to Remicade. Humira was not effective. Been on Cimzia for over 4 years. Within the last year he has been having skin lesions over upper half of his body. During that time he changed doctors because the Cimzia Doctor left the practice and moved away. That turned out to be a game changer. This doctor believes that the Cimzia is no longer effective and that is why he is developing the lesions. This doctor believes in Entyvio because it attacks the cause of CD differently from other prior meds. He has had 2 infusions. It is too soon to know of it is working. He was very apprehensive but at the same time he has a wonderful doctor who walks him through the why and the what to do with this condition. He has not always hit the jackpot with a wonderful doctor. I respect doctors but if you have a difficult case then a routine GI doctor is not the place to be. So please trust your doctor and read up on how the chemical composition of Entyvio works. It is so great to have more options for the patients
First of all my prayers going your way. Second your son and I both got diagnosed at the same age. I'm a few years older than him so I know what he is going through. I have had it all. ALL the mess, and also surgery. Currently taking 6MP and Enryvio as Humira never really worked.
To gtc45: I had my first hard stool in over 5 years about 10 days after Entyvio. I wanted to take a photo so I can memorialize the event. Even my wife was excited. The only thing I can tell you is that fear and Crohn's don't mix. You have to let go of your fear, and get informed and try to live every moment as best you can. Don't be afraid of Crohn's. Don't let it control your life.