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I have already worked through a bad flare, weight loss, hair falling out, gas, nausea, vomiting, fatigue. My diagnosis came after I developed fistulas. I thought that with the prednisone, metronidazole and pentasa I was out of the woods. Felt good for a couple of months. Odd things have started showing up like pain in the knuckles of hands and feet, I have no concentration for reading or xwords (its taken 3 attempts to get this far in this little story) I feel like I have a fever all the time, Tired, nausea, cramps etc. I did go to the Dr and hes put me on azathioprine 50mg, metronidazole 500mg,as well as the pentasa 500mg. I am not feeling any better, if anything, worse. I can now add sun sensitivity to the list of symptoms. I am so scared of the pain, the not knowing if this will ever end, will it get better? Add to all this the fear of unstable finances and living arrangements. Please tell me all will be well. I keep telling myself that this too shall pass...but its getting hard to see the silver lining.

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Welcome to the forum Dunbar! yes it can get better, but you may have to do the trial and error with the meds. No two are alike. Remicade, and Humira have done amazing stablizing for some and leading a normal life.

Dealing with finances and stressful situations will make your symptoms last longer. We have have flares, and you need a maintenance drug that helps you cope.

Lots of support here, let us know how you continue to do. :hang:


Hi Dunbar - Welcome. It's easy to get scared and nervous. I can understand that, epsecially if you have an unstable financial and living situation.

I'm new to this Crohn's thing too and trying to figure out the right med combo. I know from all I read on here that this could take a long time. I hope you can get some relief quickly.

Hang in there and feel free to ask questions and vent - that's what we're here for!

- Amy
Hello Dunbar and welcome. You mentioned prednisone, joint pain, and sun sensativity. I have learned they go hand in hand. My GI is trying to keep my prednisone up and my family physician is bringing it down due to the side effects. Your story sounds very similar to mine. As for finances, do some research. I get my Pentasa and Remicade provided by the manufacturers after qualifiying for their assistance programs. I'm not sure about Canada, but most places have programs that help with utilities if you are going through a rough time. Hang in there. It can get better, and there are a lot of people wonderful people here to support you. Feel better soon and good luck.


Hi Dunbar
and welcome

give the aza time to work, it's not been long. there are other alternatives such as the biologics but of course it does depend on finance and whether you get approved.
we are here for you, don't suffer in silence, vent away
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Welcome Dunbar,

Sorry to hear things aren't going so well at the moment! Give the meds a chance to work. This disease is a trial and error for a lot of us to see what medicines work. I personally hated being on medication and it actually made me feel worse so I went for an approach with diet. I think it has a lot to do as far as how we function. When I would take in a lot of sugar I felt like I couldn't concentrate either. Just something to think about :)


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Hi and :welcome:

As you can see there are many here to give you good advice and tell you of their experiences. I don't have CD, my daughter does, her journey on Imuran has been a positive one thus far. Her dose is low, 50mg, and even in our climate she doesn't seem to suffer with the sun sensitive side of things but that would be an individual thing. Glad you found us and welcome aboard.

Take care,
Hi Dunbar

I am new to all this as well. :hang: I have a colonoscopy scheduled next week and then well see what's next. I probably have Crohns. So far Ciproflaxin has been good for putting it in remission. I am taking 20mg Prilosec to reduce my stomach acid production, and have not yet been put on any other meds yet.

Let us know what meds you try and the results. I think I am a bit behind you in the process, so it would be nice to know.
Thanks to everyone for listening. I believe this flare is due to stress. Funny thing that. The Dr may put me on Prednisone for the immediate relief of inflammation. I had excellent results last time. Got more accomplished in six weeks than I had in three months prior. This months mantra is "all that I need is provided and I am safe", seems to be working. I would like to eat some ice cream again, chocolate fudge crackle to be exact. Chocolate Almond Milk just isn't doin it for me.


I would like to eat some ice cream again, chocolate fudge crackle to be exact. Chocolate Almond Milk just isn't doin it for me.
I hear ya! I am dying for a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen, but instead I settle for Peanut Butter Bumper Cereal with Almond Milk!