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SCD and flour

I have another questions regarding Specific Carbohydrate Diet. So many of the recipes call for Almond flour, and I'm allergic to nuts.

Any recommendations out there for an almond flour replacement?

Thanks and happy new year!
SCD uses almond for lots of things, mainly to give people baked yummies so they don't feel like they are 'going without'.
You will do fine one you get past the feeling of loss for these comfort foods.
go to http://www.liveprimal.com/recipes.html and click download on the recipe pdf.

I used to miss them but the feeling of being healthy far outweighs tiny cravings
Not sure if coconut falls under "nuts" (it does have NUT in the name afterall)...but you could try coconut flour.

I've tried some muffins made with coconut flour and they were great!