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SCD AND fodmap combo?

Has anyone out there been successful combining SCD and FODMAP? I want to try a combo as I can't seem to get on track with just SCD even tho it has helped me more in the past.

I have had Crohns for 31 years and right now have almost no pain but tons of D, at least partly due to a sphincter wrecked by fistulas and surgeries to get rid of them. Also my GI just had me on a course of tetracycline... Maybe for SIBO? (Don't know as I was out during the scope when he prescribed it and will see him next week and will be able to ask.). Which has given me the runs with like acid coming out. So painful! I'm also on Imuran and Remicade.

I'm looking for some relief but since I've been less successful I've strayed a bit off the diet. It's really hard to stay on when I'm not seeing improvement.

Any help and ideas would be great.

Thanks so much.
I was doing pretty well on Paleo diet, but then started to combine it with FODMAP and it does seem to be helping a bit more. Just difficult, because it even limits me further on what I can eat, cutting out some foods I really enjoy.
But, as I am on Remicade, Lialda, Omeprazole, Budesonide and a bunch of supplements just to keep things under control, I'll take any help I can get and the diet has definitely been a help.
Thanks, justanothercp. I know what you mean about trying to get it under control. I really need to start over again I guess, with the intro diet and leaving out high Fodmaps too. In the meantime I'm feeling pretty discouraged and also mad at myself for not being careful and cheating on the diet.