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SCD and perianal crohns/fistulas

So after a long journey of mostly paleo I have finally been fully committed to SCD (specifically GAPS protocol) 100%. My digestive symptoms have been completely controlled before I even went paleo (they went away with IV steroids and antibiotics) but have been dealing with a particularly painful and awful fistula/abscess combination that antibiotics and remicade have failed to fully heal. Anyway, I've been paleo since April and GAPS 100% for a month. I see zero difference in my fistula pain. The doctor is suggesting adding imuran to the remicade which I really don't want to do. So my question is- anyone here have fistulas heal on SCD? How long did it take? When should I figure the diet isn't going to work for me and go for the additional meds?
My son has the perianal fistula and he is following his own diet. He doesn't have the diarrhea aspect of Crohn's. He suffers from constipation so the SCD diet is not good for him. We try buying foods with lots of fiber to keep his stool soft which is so hard to do. His body naturally hardens his stools. Anyway, he is better, much better but he had a bad episode when we went away. We didn't bulk up on fiber and his stool got so hard that it made the fistula open up some. All together, he is doing well as long as the stool are soft. His fistula was closing but it just take a hard stool to push it open; not as open as before. He also takes supplements like Oregano oil and garlic to help heal his whole body. What ever you do, keep the stools very soft. Eat lots of Papaya-it helps.