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SCD Diet....would you do it if...

I just read the book last night. It makes total sense, but to be honest, adhering to such a strict diet that requires prepping/making so much food would be very difficult with two kids under 4 in the house that sap my energy and barely allow me time to cook as it is. My question for those of you who do/have done it...I don't have constipation or loose stool, pretty normal stool. My issues are pain in my ulcerated area and nausea, as well as fatigue. It seems from my reading this diet is mostly aimed at people with severe flare ups and 'digestive issues' that need to to calm their gut. Is it worth trying if you have mild Crohn's and not a lot of 'digestive issues' or would I be wasting my time with it? I am wondering if being very strict about lactose, limiting sugars and cutting out all refined breads in favor of whole grains would be a modified version of it and enough for me?
I eat a paleo diet, which I believe is very similar to the SCD diet. I'd give the diet angle a try for at least 30 days to see how the grumpy gut feel.

Modifying my diet helped greatly with my IBD. I've also experienced a boost in energy levels compared to where I was before. For awhile I was also experiencing dizziness which could bring on nausea. That has all but has gone away since I began eating paleo.

Personally, I'd cut out the whole grains too, at least during the trial. For me at least whole grains are harder on the gut than any other food. Well, maybe nuts can be harder, it would be a close race. For awhile the only grain I was eating was white rice. I stopped that since it can raise insulin levels rapidly. Thought to add too that whole grains raise blood sugar levels greatly also.

"What increases blood sugar more than wheat?"


At this point I avoid all grains. It took a little bit to get used to eating this way, but I'm happy I made the dietary change.

The only dairy I eat from time to time is cheese. Most of the time it isn't a problem food and is low in lactose.

Good luck.
Thanks Beach! That is another diet I am looking into. Can you recommend a good Paleo book and cookbook that is realistic for a busy Mom? I looked on Amazon and there are TONS of them, so confused by which to pick.
That's a really good question. I tend to keep my cooking simple and not use a cook book.

I recall the web sight Girl Gone Primal having a few delicious looking recipes. I haven't gotten around to trying any! But the pictures looked very nice. :D


Robb Wolf has a nice listing of recipes and books also.


Mark's Daily Apple also has many recipes too.

Hi Kelly,
One blog I really like for SCD recipes is nomorecrohns.com. She's a mom and seems to have a lot of recipes that can be made in a slow cooker or in large quantities, and she has several menu plans up on her website that have additions for non SCDers (e.g., making fajitas, and having tortillas for those who aren't on SCD).

Good luck!