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SCD legal things at Whole Foods?

Hi everyone. I'm going back on SCD after being off it for a couple of years. I was on it for almost a year with complete compliance and then I decide to cheat and that was it. :(

I live near a Whole Foods now and was wondering about legal items there. Anything?
PartlyCloudy - yes. There are a TON of SCD legal foods at Whole Foods. Just remember, the store is insanely expensive (I'd ballpark mark ups of 25 - 50% from ordinary grocery stores).

Some prepackaged items you can get there and be totally safe:
1.) 365 (WF's store brand) peanut butter, just has peanuts and salt.
2.) All produce
3.) Grass fed beef (more expensive, but worth it)
4.) Farm raised eggs
5.) Gunther's (sp?) honey - the clear kind
6.) Bob's almond meal - PROBABLY THE SINGLE MOST CONVIENENT ITEM THEY SELL....has saved me so much time (although, it definitely hurts the ol' pocket book at approximately 7.99 a bag)
Thanks, Villi. I'm especially interested in their peanut butter. Mmmm. I'm going to make some SCD jelly and coconut flour bread to pnut/jelly sandwiches. I've been craving them.
Are any of the food bars they sell legal for SCD/GAPS? Things like Larabars and such? A lot of them contain nuts and I don't know if they're raw or not.
Regarding Bob's Red Mill almond meal -- they make two kinds. The finer-ground kind is made from blanched almonds and is better for baking, though I think the Honeyville brand is still superior.

Our local grocery stores only carry the almond meal made from whole almonds. I can only get the blanched from Mom's Organic Market, and have to order the Honeyville online.
Are any of the food bars they sell legal for SCD/GAPS? Things like Larabars and such? A lot of them contain nuts and I don't know if they're raw or not.
On SCD nuts don't have to be raw.

Some Larabars aren't legal, but I don't know which ones. I've never been able to eat any of the Larabars myself as they cause a lot of wind and cramping.
The regular Larabars are legal except the ones that contain chocolate. The Larabar Alt line is not legal. Always good to read the label just in case. There is a British brand similar to Larabars called Nakd that has some SCD legal varieties, but as I recall, not all are.

Elaine Gottshall was concerned about people buying roasted nuts that had been processed with starches. "Dry roasted" nuts usually are. We get roasted nuts from Trader Joe's because that store has a commitment to listing all ingredients on their labels, and so far have had no trouble. You would want to pay close attention to your own body, though. As with any new foods, start slow, and only introduce one new food at a time so you have a better chance of knowing what is causing you problems.
Are any of the food bars they sell legal for SCD/GAPS? Things like Larabars and such? A lot of them contain nuts and I don't know if they're raw or not.

Duh, I was thinking "food bar" like a salad bar. You know, a big bar where you belly up and load up your plate? I couldn't figure out what Larabars had to do with a food bar.

Yep, I'll just leave now. :lol:
Lots of great stuff for SCD at Trader Joe's. Aged cheeses, nuts, frozen fish, fruit juice, fruit leathers, honey, all at great prices.
Hey all,

Just a follow up - does anybody know whether or not the dates in the Larabars are legal? I emailed the company to ask whether or not they are medjool dates (on the website, it says that only medjool dates are legal).

If so, all Larabars are legal!

Not from concentrate apple juice - their brand. Uncle Matt's OJ.
Organic hot dogs..don't remember the brand.
I'm so excited. I love Whole Foods but the prices....whew!
Whole Foods has good sales. If you stick to those, you will do fine. :)
Otherwise, no.

I buy cases of the apple juice. It's $9 a gallon where I live and I save 10% by buying a case of 4. Or 6 of the half gallons is a case.

I often buy cases of items that are one sale and I have gotten things half price, especially if you can use one of their coupons. (Maybe you've noticed the coupon books)?

But, I pay $10lb for wild caught salmon at Costco and it's $17lb at Whole Foods.
Some Larabars have chocolate in them. They also have a separate line called Uber that has illegal ingredients. So always, always, always check.

New products come out often these days -- my daughter especially loves the Charmed bar which she says is much tastier than Larabars, and the Caveman Cookies are apparently also very good. She likes the original flavor best, and some of their flavors are not SCD Legal.