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SCD/ Paleo lunch on the go ideas???

I'm a mom of a 17 year old who was recently diagnosed with Crohn's. I'm trying to find a SCD/Paleo approved lunch. All the lunch ideas I find include raw vegetables, which he can't eat, or require heating up, etc. Any ideas or suggestions?
Can he pack cold stuff? I'm following more SCD and pack my lunch daily: tuna, olives/pickles/sauerkraut, homemade yogurt/berries, any leftovers meat and veggies- I eat them cold, on SCD you can have certain cheeses, bananas, small handful of nuts/seeds, homemade paleo recipe muffins, salads, homemade applesauce. Good luck to you and your son.
I generally just make extra of whatever I'm having for dinner and pack that. I have had access to a microwave which has helped...However I also like eating chicken, salmon, or tuna cold. Hardboiled eggs are great. It sounds like raw fruits and veggies aren't an option? Some cooked veggies are fine cold like carrot or butternut squash puree. SCD gelatin. Bananas are often belly friendly, and are good with almond butter if it is tolerated. Container of SCD yogurt with bananas or boiled/pureed berries. Best wishes to you and your kid! SCD made a HUGE difference for me.
My daughter is 6 and on SCD. I make these buns with almond flour and dry curd cheese that work for sandwiches. Sometimes salad with dressing packed separately. SCD yogurt and berries. Dried fruit. We make crackers which might sound hard to do but isn't. Coconut flour muffins. Banana slices with peanut butter.
For lunch on the go I often have tuna, boiled eggs and avocado. But I agree - it's hard to find food to take with you. You can also find Paleo recipes for tortillas or rolls.