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School accommodation


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New York, USA
Is there a form to use when requesting an accommodation for a school age child to be able to go to the bathroom when they need to?

my little penguin

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Section 504 of the Adaa
The parents need to talk to the schools 504 coordinator and request a 504 eligibility meeting
They can get the documentation from the Gi and send to the school
They have to request to be present
They have to avoid signing any school forms that let the school talk freely with the doc
All conversations should go through the parents from the school

stop the clock testing
Access to bathroom
And no penalty for absences

my child had a card that was laminated
He set it on his desk if he was going to the restroom so the teacher could clearly see where he was
One color for restroom
One for nurse
No need to ask
And seat by the door

it did not say bathroom on the card just his name so they would remember who was gone
We did it through the school counselor. Our son already had an IEP so it was just added to that and he didn't need a 504. He also was granted access to any bathroom, even private ones for adults. He sometimes encounters vaping and other situations in the student bathrooms where it's best to leave. We made sure all teachers were aware of the accomodation and they have been great about it.

my little penguin

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Section 504 is the federal law that covers disabilities that fall under major life functions such as the Gi track
504 does not have to affect learning which some school officials confuse (IEP is learning )
The school does not get any money to support 504 plans
So most are reluctant to do them
They get funds for IEP