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School or college reopening Fall 2020 immunosupressed

my little penguin

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So is your school or college completely reopening ?
Doing partial online and part on classroom ?
Or all online ?

is it still changing day to day ?

Are you sending your crohns immunosupressed kiddo? Every day ?

anyone ask their Gi ?
My hubby works a local college.
They're still debating.🤷‍♀️
Sounds like they're going to do a combination of things. Still waiting finally verdict.
My eldest niece goes to a major university and she still waiting to hear what's happening.


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O’s university is opening including having football season. Large lectures that can’t socially distance will be online but otherwise class as usual with masks required in all university buildings.

I fear for the town her school is in. It is a small town. She goes to a large state university. 30,0000 students from all over the country are going to descend on them and if they bring disease with them their healthcare system will not be able to handle it. But this town never shut down or required masks so I am guessing they are excited the kids are coming back. Football is religion there.

T’s high school is opening in 4 weeks. our school district is going to an A/B grouping. A goes to school Monday and Tuesday. B goes to school Thursday and Friday. Wednesday no one goes and schools get deep cleaned. When you are not in the building you are doing some sort of virtual lessons. There will be a span of 5 days between your last day in school and your next time you go so they are hoping if you are exposed in school symptoms will shake out before you come back.

Our county never even got through phase 2 of reopening Before we had to close down again. We just opened restaurants for outdoor dining on Monday and by Friday they were closed again. Stores just reopened for in store shopping at 50% capacity and are now back to curbside pick up only.

T’s softball team has their only tournament that hasn’t been cancelled coming up. In a state that is orange/red on covid map. They aren’t shutting things down. It is a 22 hour drive or two plane flight. We booked and Airbnb to cut down on public spaces (elevator, halls, lobby, restaurants).

We have to fly to O’s school to move her out of old apartment and into new. We have to stay in hotel for a few days.

We are going to tournament and sending both girls to school (it is both girls’ senior year) Our GI is still telling us they do not have increased risk of getting Covid or of complications. Still says the anti Tnfs are believed to be protective.

We wear masks everywhere and even though where we are going doesn’t require it we will continue to wear them. We also wash our hands frequently. We will fly with disinfecting wipes, n 95 masks and hand sanitizer.

I asked O to ask him if her low WBC’s means anything in terms of precautions but she hasn’t. I am guessing not but would like to hear what GI says.
E's university is tentatively opening with online classes for any class larger than 50 students. They don't start until the end of September, so fortunately they have a little time to watch what happens at schools that open in August. They are also giving everyone the option to stay at home and be completely online. My younger daughter will be a high school junior, and they are floating a plan similar to the one CIC described above.


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Haha talk about your fluid situations. We just got an email from the superintendent that school will start as 100% online and we will transition to the hybrid model as soon as it is deemed safe. I wish O's school would do the same.


Our school holiday end on Monday, with only years 11 & 12 going back in Greater Melbourne. Schools in most country Victoria went back. Prep to 10 have a extra week holiday and return to remote learning next week.

Restaurants are back to take away only. No visitors are allowed in our homes. Our number of active cases has double in the last fortnight.

All others states of Australia have closed their borders to Victoria. There are over 150 cases linked to a high school.
My son with Crohn's (150 mg of azathioprine, 3000 mg of sulfasalazine, iron) will be a freshman at the University of Ark. So far, school is on and in person. We haven't heard otherwise. Plan to send him and he will live in the dorm with a communal bathroom. Got accommodations to use the individual handicap bathroom, hoping that will cut down on germs. Sending him with lots of mask, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, and prayers. Hate that he will be 5 hours away, but feel that he needs the social growth and independence that occurs during the college years.

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Ds just saw Gi
He is on Stelara and methotrexate
Gi wanted to “discuss “ what to do about school in September
I reminded doc Ds was already enrolled in an online private high School
So for him it was non issue
Not sure what Gi opinion would have been had it been in person school


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A local district near me just announced all schools will be virtual for the entire fall. Pretty sure others will follow suit.


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My kiddo's university has announced that freshmen and sophomores will come to school in the fall. There will be much less socializing. They'll live in single rooms and the dining hall has been modified and i believe they are coming up with "grab and go" options for at least breakfast and lunch. Juniors and seniors with do classes remotely. Large lectures will either be online or will be split up into many small sections. In the spring, it will switch - juniors and seniors will be on campus.

My daughter will be a senior and does not want to do remote classes. But her doctors feel it is safer for her and so she will be doing online classes for the whole year, probably.

I should add that her health has not been very stable and that she is on two biologics and MTX, so her circumstances may be different from others'.


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O's college wants every student to get COVID tested prior to coming back. Cool. Totally agree. Thanks for being careful.


The college is doing the testing and because we live so far away they sent O an at home test. I thought, "hmm that's interesting, wonder how accurate it is because it clearly couldn't be the nasal swab test that feels like they are piercing your brain".

IT IS THE NASAL SWAB TEST! How on earth is she qualified to do that test on herself? She is watching the video on how to do the test now but I think I am going to call the school and tell them thanks but no thanks we will get er professionally tested.


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That is absolutely nuts!!! If all tests are like the one I had, no one can do that to themselves!

I can't believe the school expects accurate test results when expecting kids to self test! I think you should tell the school strongly that all tests should be professionally administered otherwise all students and staff are being put at risk! Wow!:mad:

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Provider-administered swab tests for coronavirus
Molecular tests typically involve inserting a 6-inch long swab into the back of the nasal passage through one nostril and rotating the swab several times for 15 seconds. This process is then repeated through the other nostril. The swab is then inserted into a container and sent to a lab for testing.

Alternative testing methods have recently been introduced, including rapid diagnostic tests that can be analyzed where the sample is collected at point-of-care (e.g., clinic or doctor’s office), and results are available in minutes. There are currently four authorized rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests, including ID NOW by Abbott, Xpert Xpress by Cepheid, Accula by Mesa Biotech, and Cue COVID-19 Test by Cue Health, Inc.

At-home tests for coronavirus
The FDA has authorized several at-home collection molecular tests, including Pixel by LabCorp and tests by Everlywell and LetsGetChecked, which are available online here. The test kits contain supplies to collect samples, including a nasal swab which you send back to the lab for testing. Unlike other swab-based tests, these tests use swabs that only need to go as far as the nostril, instead of deeper into the nasal passage. A study led by the UnitedHealth Group suggests that results from self-collected swab tests are similar in accuracy to provider-collected swab tests.

Several companies, including Hims and Vault Healthare now offering at-home collection tests online using a saliva test developed by Rutgers’ RUCDR Infinite Biologics. Test kits include a collection device to collect your saliva (instead of deep nose or throat swabs) and the sample is then mailed to the lab for processing.

As with all authorized at-home collection tests, you must qualify for testing based on certain criteria like your location, symptoms, potential exposure, and risk. Vault Health’s test, which is available here, also requires a video consultation with a practitioner to supervise sample collection.

The authorization of at-home collection tests is a big step forward as FDA works with test developers in this space. At-home collection tests can help expand testing, reduce the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), and minimize frontline healthcare worker exposure. Currently, the FDA has not authorized any tests to be entirely used and processed at home.

You can read more about at-home testing here.

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Self-swabbing tests for COVID-19 accurate and safe, study reports
People can be taught to do their own nasal swabs for accurate COVID-19 testing, limiting the exposure of health care workers and the use of protective equipment, according to Stanford researchers.

JUN 122020

Yvonne Maldonado

Yvonne Maldonado is the senior author of a study that found people can be taught to do their own nasal swabs for accurate COVID-19 testing.
Steve Fisch

Test samples collected by people who swabbed their own nasal passages yielded results for the COVID-19 virus that were as accurate as samples collected by a health care worker, according to a small study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.
The 30 study participants previously had tested positive for COVID-19.
The study was published June 12 in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Allowing people who suspect they may have COVID-19 to collect their own sample has many advantages. Sample-collection kits could be widely distributed, allowing more people to be tested. Those using the kit wouldn’t have to travel to a testing site, negating the risk of transmission to health care workers and others with whom they interact in transit. Self-collection would also conserve supplies of personal protective equipment used by health care workers.
“There is an urgent need to increase our testing capacity to slow the overall spread of the virus,” said Yvonne Maldonado, MD, professor of pediatric infectious diseases and of health research and policy. “A sample collection procedure that can safely and easily be performed by the patient in their own car or at home could reduce the exposure of health care workers and also allow many more people to submit samples for testing.”
Maldonado is the senior author of the study, which was conducted in collaboration with Andra L. Blomkalns, MD, the Redlich Family Professor and professor and chair of emergency medicine, and Prasanthi Govindarajan, MD, associate professor of emergency medicine; senior research data analyst Jonathan Altamirano is the lead author.

Based on Stanford Study above
So that is why ....


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Yep! Everlywell is the test she did. It doesn’t have to go up as far as the regular test. She was all done by the time I got home.
But seriously like any test makes a difference. Great! She could be negative today but in two weeks when school starts she could be positive. Or any day after that. The test just tells you here and now. So silly.
Schools are hopefully back here beginning of september. There have been a number of clusters recently so we are still in phase 3 here. We live in a very rural areas less than 100 kids in Lucy's school and the wider locality has remained a Covid free zone so I'm not concerned about school. Not sure what to do about face covering, I will speak to ibd nurse.
We are in a low transmission area. Our schools are cohorting with an option of fully online school. Masks required all day for grades 4-12. The kids (Crohns and non-Crohns) are heading back early September.
I figure we see how it goes and I can pull them out if need be. We did opt of of bussing this year.
My high schooler will be on a quad mester program. 2 classes per day for 9 weeks then switch to minimize contacts.
Still no word on extra curricular activities.