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"Scientists discover promising new lead in Crohn’s disease"

Interesting study though the sample size was not big. But if it is valid across a wider sample then it could possibly open up new avenues of treatment. Let us hope that they are able to do a wider study to confirm the role of PD-L2 in Crohn's disease.
great so they suppress the protein and you get cancer! So its either cancer or crohns! LOL
First they have to do a study with a wider sample size. Then they have to find a medication which works which will require quite a number of clinical trials. And third - I am sure, any medication which works will keep a healthy balance of PD-L2 instead of suppressing it to a dangerous low level. This could take years if the centre gets the funding.
I don't think the researchers are anywhere near a medication. It requires more research to confirm this finding. Once they have confirmed, hopefully they will work on a medication. It is a new finding but a medication could be years away. There is another thread which I had posted in which a totally different institute Salk are working on a new medication. Hopefully they will start clinical trials on humans soon. That one requires a once a day medication. Check that thread.