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Scope w/o Sedation


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I am in a flare and my GI squeezed me in tomorrow morning. She wants to do a scope, and it sounds like without sedation. I am a little scared. What am I in for?
If it's a flexible sigmoidoscopy the docs around here often do them without sedation. It basically isn't the best feeling in the world (kinda feels a little worse than an enema) but not as agonizing as you might anticipate. Also pretty quick (a couple of minutes or so).
Is your inflamation in the rectal area/lower part of the bowel? If so, it's likely she's just peeking at the end portion with a flex-sig.
Personally I've never heard of them trying to do a full colonoscopy without some sort of sedation or pain control but maybe someone else out there has...?
I had a colonoscopy with very little sedation and was fully conscious throughout, it wasn't as bad as I thought but I only had inflammation at the very end so thats maybe why it wasn't painful. I watched it all on the screen and talked about the weekend and nights out so all in all pretty relaxed. I can imagine if there is inflammation / polyps etc in the large colon it would be more uncomfortable and therefore more sedation would be needed. Request sedation they will give you something to calm the nerves if you ask. I'm due for both on thurs but have been promised sedation due to the endoscope as there's no way I could have that done without any. Good luck.


Jill, just had one last Weds. Thru me bum and thru Stan both. With just a jab to relax me. I watched the whole proceedure. It was uncomfortable, but bearable.

Good luck, and ask for something to relax you a bit, it will help.

I had a colonoscopy with just gas and air for pain relief. Not inflammed in there and didn't find it too bad.

Had the upper endoscopy last week with just the throat numbing spray and is not something I would recommend.

In the past had the flexi-sig mentioned with no pain relief or sedation, uncomfortable but quite surviv-eable.


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Thanks, guys, for the replies. I am going to try to be brave! But at least I know it should be manageable. That helps. Honestly, I think the enema in the AM is going to be the hardest. I am so raw down there! I hope it's all worth it, and I get some answers out of the exam.
I had my first colonoscopy with no pain relief or sedation. It wasnt the most comfertable feeling in the world but its not as painful as the barium enerma i got.

If you have a decision then make sure your knocked out, its easy when your out of it ;)


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I've had a flex-sig done with no sedation - survived it! Used to watch my colonoscopies, don't any more as my current GI does them under NORA sedation....


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Well, I survived and have lived to tell the tale! It wasn't so bad. Actually, it was quite quick. It got a little uncomfortable the further she went in, but I hardly felt the biopsies being taken. Thanks again for all the support! I wasn't too scared thanks to you guys!


Whoop there it is! Knew you could do it! Hope you watched the process? I did find that the biopsies became a bit uncomfortable during the night and the following day. But paracetamol did the trick for me.

Hope that all comes back ok for you!!


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Last year I went on for a regular GI check up, and my doctor asked if I had anywhere to be because he wanted to take a look inside. He pulled some strings and did it immediately. It was only the sigmoid, there was no sedation used.