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Scuba diving with a bag?

Quick question- is it possible to scuba dive with a bag? I've read almost all threads and was very relieved to find out there aren't many problems with flying (whew!) but would be interested to know if any of you have experience diving or snorkeling with bags, etc...? Any and all input welcome!

Also, please disregard the info that pops up underneath my signature. It's about four years old and out of date. Currently 3 months post op. Loop ileostomy.

I've snorkeled extensively with an ileostomy bag, including in the Galapagos. I usually add some micropore tape or the Coloplast Brava crescent-shaped tape just for extra security if I am going to be in the water long periods of time - probably unnecessary but just stops me worrying. I'm planning a 7-day snorkeling trip off the coast of the Kimberley in Western Australia for next year.

I haven't scuba dived, although I love the idea of it. I think I'm getting a bit old to learn now.
I have been snorkelling loads whilst on holiday with my ileo. I also go swimming regularly. I've never been scuba diving but I know of people who have. I'd imagine the only issue may be having a bit of "room" under the wet suit. I put strips of opsite flexifix tape around the edge's of my flange and i've never had an issue.
Ive scubad with my bag and to various depths. There is nothing you cannot do with a bag. Be prepared. Have a change ready for when you come back out of the water.