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Second re-section and now this?

Hey Everyone!
I was a member here 21 years ago when I'd just gone through an emergency gall bladder removal. I'd been symptom free for 25 years before that. (had a re-section in 1988 when I was 20) So here we are in 2024. I just had my second re-section in November, 2023. (Stelara is working but too many years of scarring causing blockages... so zoinked it out to get ahead of things). I'd survived for 25 years on a single (or less) packet of Questran each morning. After the gall bladder was removed I had to bump it to 2 packs... no biggie. Managed to deal with daily vitamins and other things around both.

But now... NOW... my guts just won't settle. No amount of cholestyramine is helping keep the BAM under control... but the REAL KICKER is cholestyramine has RUN OUT IN CANADA! It's listed on the federal drug shortages list. I've contacted pharmacies who are contacting others with no luck. Even went up the chain at Shoppers (national pharmacy chain) and they said it's looking like February to April before any new shipments will arive!

After my initial panic attack, I decided this might be a blessing in disguise. Maybe this is the chance to look for natural alternatives to cholestyramine.

So I'd love to hear form one and all on what works for you. I've read about psyllium husk. (haven't tried it yet). Apparently beets are very effective in bile absorption. Looking at low-fat diets as well as incorporating oats for breakfast. Please share your success stories!