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Secondary response to Other biologics -success chance of Cimzia

Hello, I have a question for who have failed both humira and remicade and then have success on cimzia.
My doctor is saying that my response to anti TNF drugs (I have tried remicade and humira) is secondary response type. So he thinks that I don't have high success chance with Cimzia, but we will try it because there are no too many medication options left.
Did you have similar experience? If so, what happened? What do you think?
Thank You.
I had an allergic reaction to Remi, got drug-induced lupus from Humi, and now am on Cimzia. Out of all three, Remi helped the most. Humira didn't do a thing except for give me drug-induced lupus. Cimzia has given me lot's of side effects, and my Crohn's actually feels worse; but the injections don't hurt at all, so I'm really sad that it's not working :(. I am beginning to think that I am one of those people who don't respond to ant-TNF drugs.