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Seeing a psychologist for my depression

I have gotten very depressed since my crohn's journey started a year ago. I have lost the will to live and the emotional pain is like daggers. Nothing anyone says is making me feel better. I'm just wondering if anyone else has needed to seek outside help coping with this chronic condition. I tried yoga but it stresses me out even more. I don't know if I'm having trouble coping with the loss or if it's been because of the weight loss. (152-47=105lbs, my current weight) Maybe something was wrong with me chemically before I got the disease and it only worsened with it. I am slightly suicidal and have been give a help line until I get a referral for a psych from my GP in a weeks time. Any insights are much needed right now from the community:(
If it helps, you certainly aren't alone. The DX is often shocking and requires us to re-evaluate our lives. Nothing is the same after learning you have CD.

No one can talk you out of depression - as much as they try to make you 'snap out of it'. But counseling should give you insight and coping skills you don't have now. Medication is also an option.

I have seen a therapist for depression, which was intensified at onset of CD illness. It was very valuable. I commend you for seeking help!!!!

Hang in there...it can and does get better.
Hi. Sorry you're feeling so low. I too am waiting for a psychologist apt, but mine is due to the fact that I'm finding it hard to accept that if these meds don't work, then my only remaining option is to have my colon removed, and I really do dread life with a bag. I have found that since being on the preds for more than 8 months now, my mood has gradually got lower. In light of the impending surgery, we've started to reduce the preds, and I've noticed that my mood has since improved.
I understand that IBD can be mentaly draining, but are you on any drugs that could be exacerbating the problem? Pred (according to my IBD nurse), does have the ability to make you feel low and suicidal with prolonged use.
Hoping that you'll soon be feeling brighter and better,
I have been in a spot like you are in now, it can get better and i would definitely look into some level of medication to help through this rough spot. Do not consider the stigma of "needing" medicine or equate it with being weak. If you are feeling extremely suicidal and have a plan please go to the ER to seek treatment. It may help if you read the thread my friends here started for me "our friend jerman". Please don't give up it really can get better.
Thank you everyone:). My mood is better today. I'm riding the emotional roller coaster where some days I can't stop crying and other days I feel okay. Hopefully the psych helps. I used to be on pred when I had a flare up mid spring, but I was only on it for 3 months. I'm doing azothiprine and remicade infusions right now, in fact I have an infusion tomorrow:D I will keep fighting but some days feel terrible, glad I'm not the only one on journey although it is unfornunate that we all have to be on it.
Glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better today, take good care of yourself and please know that there are some amazing people here and they are a very supportive family. I have been fortunate to make many friends here and they have always been there for me.


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Glad you've perked up a bit Superloop! Sorry I didn't respond yesterday. I think most if not ALL of us have these dark thoughts from time to time, especially towards the beginning of our diagnosis. I had suicidal thoughts then too and thankfully did get to have therapy. It was helpful. Before my surgery I went through the roller coaster of depression again and almost ended it but thankfully I don't like things that taste yucky. :p All these medications, doctor visits and not feeling "normal" anymore is so draining after a while so I'm really glad that you're seeking help. Good luck! Continue the therapy even when you start feeling better if possible. Also, I'm currently seeing a therapist and am waiting for my referral to a psychiatrist because I too am dealing with panic, anxiety and depression at the moment.
Hi Superbloop. Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better today. Hoping that tomorrow will also be a good day for you.
Wishing you a good weekend,


Hiya Superbloop

I'm glad you're feeling a lot better today!
Try to keep each day in the day, if that makes any sense!
big hugs your way
Superbloop, awee...Heres a hug. I've been there. Lord have I been there. It is so hard to deal with crohns. The physical strain I think exasperates depression in us...Nothing wrong with a little boost. I usually just look to my drs for some help...I've always thought that these IBD clinics (if you will) should have a therapist or psychologist that specializes in crohnic illness'--It is so hard on the one who is ill and their family. I wish you peace and strength. Sue