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Seeking advice

I have been dealing with my stomach my entire adult life. It has greatly affected the quality of my life. I unfortunately suffer from severe GERD and Barrett’s Esophagus, which I am struggling to get under control with medicine. have been unable to get help, although I have seen doctors and had testing. Recently, I had a serious bout, and became so fatigued and ill on top of the usual diarrhea and nausea, that I was unable to work and could hardly function. I became a very persistent advocate for myself with my GI. She order a stool study and checked my Vitamin D and Iron. Turned out I was negative for an infections. My Calprotectin level was 1520. My Vitamin D was severely low, and iron was low, but not severely like the D. I was prescribed Budesonide, and 5000 IU of D3. I am responding a little to the steroid, but not great, I have been on it for about 7 days. Yesterday I saw my GI doctor. After years of severe stomach problems, and my current state of illness, she wonders if the Calprotectin level being so high is just a “fluke.” I am having an EGD and colonoscopy on April 15th. I have had many scopes, in the most recent EGD I had to have mapping done in the lower part of my stomach because of some kind of abnormal cells. This is likely due to damage from chronic inflammation. Recently my liver had become enlarged. I have also had the bad kind of polyp and so I have had pretty frequent colonoscopies. I am worried that because I have been on the steroid, the inflammation will be better, and they will not see anything. Which will mean no treatment and an unhealthy future. I am so sick, I need to get a treatment plan. I am sure it is IBD-what kind of things should I ask the doctor about?