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Seeking knowledge please!!!

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post and yet to be diagnosed but in the process! I have had numerous blood and stool tests, crp and esr are both elevated along with stool lactoferrin testing positive, additionally stool tested positive for fat and pancreatic elestase was low (below normal range), also b12 is elevated along with folate but i think that may be false and actually is low because i have constant fatigue. I had a CT enterography which showed thickening in the sigmoid/rectal area but also in the terminal ileum. I am now awaiting results from a colonoscopy in which biopsies were taken but my doctor did tell me once i awoke that she did not really see much inflammation?!?! I am hoping for some insight/advice on what this might indicate. I have been dealing with abdominal pain and persistent diarrhea and urgency for awhile now. I also have family members (brother and nephew) with CD and UC. I would appreciate any and all insight, thank you in advance!
Can you ask them to run the tests again that you thought were false? I think that because you have relatives with IBD there is a greater chance of you having IBD but not necessarily so. Let us know how you are.
Hi ronroush7,
I do plan on getting clarification about the elevated B12 and folate, i have read that when these test abnormally high, they may actually be abnormally low!