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Senga is here!

Well that's it. Senga the stoma has arrived as of last Wednesday. Thank you all for your answer a supportive comments previously. OH is doing really well with his ileostomy and couldn't be happier at the minute. Any ileostomy tips would be welcomed :)
Glad that OH is doing well,
The first thing I would recommend is to start ordering samples from all the different companies out there , I found coloplast great
They have stoma nurses who will actually call out to your home if you need help , the coloplast stoma nurse was of more help to me than the hospital stoma nurse(overworked)
Be prepared for setbacks ie. leaks and problems around the stoma , they happen to everyone and can be fixed ,
there is another great site that a member here has called veganostomy which has some great how to videos which are really helpful
Most of all if you have a problem ask here any time day or night and at the very least you will get emotional support and great practical support as well ,
If you need any particular info feel free to pm or ask in the thread and I will hopefully be able to answer.