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Senolytics reduce gut inflammation in mice


Though I do intend to try the dasatinib-quercetin combo, fisetin has also shown some senolytic properties, as well as temporarily downregulating TNF-alpha and IL-6, iirc. I've been doing a monthly 20 mg/kg round of this supplement (same dose as the Mayo Clinic frailty trial) and had my first clear scope in at least a decade a little over a year ago, so I'm hoping it's proving as beneficial as it feels. (Not magic, but even a bit less miserable is something.)
Hahaha admittedly, the translation rate is not great, though in the case of dasatinib and quercetin, it's also been confirmed to reduce senescent cells in humans, which are a significant cause of constant low-grade inflammation: https://www.fightaging.org/archives...-burden-of-senescent-cells-in-human-patients/
Try explaining that to a GP in a busy practice in London. You get 10 minutes after a 2 hour wait and told to buy Windeeze for flatulence for £5.00 a packet. 💩
Sorry to bother, but are you take 20 mg/kg for just 1 day a month? Also, what brand are you using. Thanks.
No problem at all! I initially did 2 days in a row for 2 months in a row, and then I've done 1 day a month since. I take the Rejuvenation Therapeutics one, since the only filler they use is potato starch. https://rejuvenation-therapeutics.c...lammatory-gluten-free-100mg-30-vegan-capsules [ingredients list: fisetin, organic potato starch, hypromellose (capsule)]