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Sensitivity testing

Hi there,
I am home recovering from a fistula removal and stoma re-siting, continuing to struggle with my Crohn's Disease. I have had Crohn's for 15years and I have tried the SCD diet ~12yrs ago. Since then, I have passingly tried diets.

That being said... I am engaging with a couple of dieticians to compare their approaches to Crohn's and determine my future diet path. The most intriguing idea is to do a "food sensitivity" BLOOD test. From that i get some report of foods that are green,yellow or red... and then i would not eat the foods that come back as "yellow or red".

I'm curious if anyone has tried this and whether they found the results to be useful or garbage? I'm new to the forum, so if this has been discussed elsewhere, please feel free to just send me a link to that thread.



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I haven't heard of that specific method, however it sounds like something worth trying. I'm not sure how well it will work, but be sure to let us know how it works for you. I have found a lot of useful information here: https://nutritionfacts.org/ It's where my GP recommends me to find helpful diet information. I have had great success with changing my diet, it has helped a lot with keeping my disease, (unspecified IBD) under control. Good luck with your recovery, and welcome. :)


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Food sensitivity testing measures the amount antibodies directed against specific foods or food components that are found in your blood. This is based on the theory that you are intolerant to certain foods because they have generated an immune response to them (as though they were invading foreign microbes).

In general the clinical utility of this approach has not been validated, but many dieticians offer this type of test. But I don't know what if anything it has to do with Crohn's disease. I doubt it is involved with causing the Crohn's, but food sensitivity on top of Crohn's could possibly make you feel even worse than Crohn's alone.

So if you are able to identify some specific foods by this test, and you find that eliminating those food reduces your symptoms, then great.