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Serology 7 test results

I just got a copy of my Serology 7 blood test and some of my numbers are high, but I'm not sure if they are really high or not that high. The last one that is >100.0 really scared me. If you can help me interpret these numbers I would be sooo grateful. Thanks

ASCA Iga ELISA mine:41.5 normal: <20.5
ASCA IgG ELISA mine:41.5 normal: <22.2
ANTI-CBIR1: mine>100.0 normel: <34.9

Hey Shawn,
Definitely check with a Dr. because I can only give my best guess. From my understanding these are non-invasive tests to distinguish between Crohn's and UC? The fact that your levels are elevated point to Crohn's.

Couple of links:
1 and 2:
(Check out the "Summary and Explanation of the Test" section on Pg 3)

(Complicated but:
"eliciting antibody responses in a subpopulation of patients with Crohn's disease (CD)"
"were associated with CD independently" stand out)

But I'd say give your Doc a call, i'm certainly not an expert!


Hey, Shawn. I hope ya don't mind that I moved your thread to the General IBD Discussion forum. This way, it doesn't get lost in the stories, and I think you'll get more answers here. :)

Have a good day.

Crohn's Mom

Your question led me to dig out my daughters results:

ASCA IgA 149.4
ASCA IgG 62.8

Just FYI this was the test that led her doctor to positively confirm that she had Crohn's as opposed to UC. :)
Hope this helps.
best wishes