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Seroquel Causing Loose Output

Tony H

Well-known member
Hi I've started Seroquel(QUETIAPINE) to help with sleep and overactive mind at night and it seems to be causing a little ballooning and looser output at night ,
It's quite effective at helping me sleep and having pleasant dreams so far ,so that's good ,
Hoping it will settle down after a few weeks but kinda worried about having a blow out because of the extra air and looser output ,
Would love to hear if anyone else has used this drug before ,
Feel free to dm me if you don't want to reply on thread because of the nature of the drug .

Tony H

Well-known member
I would love to use that but in Ireland the government will not allow any form of cannabis for medical use ,
One woman had a child who was suffering from severe epilepsy and her only option was to go to Holland to buy it there ,
In arriving back in Ireland her purchase was confiscated .
Eventually they allowed limited use here for medical purposes,
Might just have to grow my own 😁


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I used to grow it, but its a challenge with our short growing season. I would start them indoors, and then move them outside once the threat of frost had past. Then came the option for medical pot and I have not looked back since. Now its fully legalized, but I still go the medical route for the tax discount.
tony, consider a capsule of bacillus coagulans per day. i have a thread about it in the 'research' section. bc is the chuck norris of bacteria

takes weeks/months to turn the thing around, billions working on trillions. if you start it, stay with it, stay patient for 3 months. then assess

bacillus coagulans is non-toxic, natural bacteria that lives in the soil. spent a LOT of time studying the various bacteria. bc is in a class by itself at the top of the list

Tony H

Well-known member
I think my body's adjusting to the low dose ,no problems the last few nights , will stay with it for a month at least and see how I get on ,
Thanks for the helpful suggestions