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Seton is suddenly longer

Here is a strange thing. My most recent seton went in a couple weeks ago it is rubber and quite a bit looser than my other seton. This morning I noticed it is hanging out an extra half inch or so more than it used to. I figured it must have broke and rotated it through the track - it passed through Easily and no broken end was found. it sticks out enough to be noticeable now but nothing hurts.

Anyone have this happen to them? It is freaking me out.


Some people will often adjust their setons while they're taking sitz baths, and can remove them that way as well. It sounds like yours may have just moved out a bit. See if you can get into contact with your surgeon or GI about it, but I don't think anything necessarily needs to be done about it.

That's good it doesn't hurt, at least.


I have had it happen and thought it got loose and was getting disconnected but at the time surgeon thought it was fine. I wouldnt hesitate to have them look because it can come loose.


I think so if you don't have pain or fever it's fine. Worst case scenario they need to correct or reinstall the seton but hope not.
I have 3 and one which is closest to the front has stretch. I wouldn't worry I mentioned it to my grastro doc she said it's shud be okay. Xx
thanks. I saw the surgeon and he was not concerned. It makes my think maybe it just loosened as the swelling went down
O yes good point. I thought mine was because I kept getting it caught. Ive really thought I've nearly pulled it out a few times. Haha.but no its still there