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Severe Colitis: Entyvio and other immunosuppressant simultaneously?

Hi everyone,

a friend of mine suffers from severe pancolitis and nothing seems to work. He is on Entyvio now but it isn't effective yet. Do you know of someone being given Ciclosporin or Tacrolimus via iv, simultaneously while receiving Entyvio?
It seems as if his doctors aren't really familiar with combining additional emergency drugs to Entyvio and things need to improve soon, otherwise he will net colectomy surgery.

Any tips or info more than appreciated.
I'm not familiar with those to being added but if my son moves to entyvio (hoping for Stelara instead since it would possibly treat both his conditions) then he'd be on entyvio, mtx injections and possibly sulfasalazine.
Also not familiar with those meds plus Entyvio. My doctor states if I moved to Entyvio he would keep methotrexate though (I suspect Imuran may also be an option).

Why not Entyvio and IV steroids?
Thank you, yes, I know that MTX can be combined with any biological, but MTX would not be an option, too slowly acting. The inflammation is severe and markers of inflammation are sky high, plus extreme pain, extreme diarrhoea, anaemia, lack of iron, 15kg+ weight loss (now definitely underweight) and still continuing.

So only fast acting iv meds as an inpatient treatment are an option now, and a course of iv steroids didn't change anything to the better (no effect at all).
I've heard of someone taking Tacrolimus and Entyvio simultaneously but I don't know if only very few experts take the risk of combining the two (his doctors don't seem to be familiar with that, they didn't suggest it in the first row). Unfortunately I haven't heard of anyone taking Ciclosporin and a biological though.