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Severe Cramping???

Hello All!
I have crohn's disease, I was diagnosed in 2015 when I was 19. It has been very uncontrolled and I am now going to be starting humira soon. As of lately I have been getting these EXTREMELY SEVERE cramps, they are painful enough to stop me in my tracks and leave me hunched in a fetal position. I haven't had any dietary changes or new medications as of yet, so was wondering why the sudden switch? My cramps for the past five years have felt like period cramps very mild, and located lower. This feels like it's the entirety of my abdomen and as I said prior it will have drop to my knees, these recently started in mid-December 2019. In September 2019 there was a stricture found on my MRI. Could this be the cause? I don't know much about them, online resources I've found just mention issues when it obstructs but this was deemed non-obstructive. Happy for any tips on how to deal and general guidance.