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Severe Diarrhea

I have a permanent colostomy and have severe diarrhea, so much so that everything I drink comes back out within 30 seconds to a minute.I am at my wits end over this.I am so thirsty all the time and recently have been craving grapefruit juice with a lot of salt and ice in it to drink.I have tried lomotil and imodium with no success and now my Dr. has called in something called Questran powder,it hasn't come in yet as the pharmacy had to order it, has anyone else had this problem or is familiar with questran?I have an appt. with my surgeon on the 12th about the progress of my gigantic open anal fistula that was found during the removal of my anus and rectum in Feb.This thing has so much drainage that I have to wear Depends and change several times a day.I don't know if this has anything to do with the diarrhea problem.I have had diarrhea for years because of Crohns, and had Anal cancer about 3 years ago.Chemo and Radiation did a lot of damage so that is the reason for the colostomy.I can't live like this forever,I either can't leave my house or I can't drink anything,its a no win situation.If anyone can provide some insight it would be greatly appreciated.


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles! Hopefully the Questran will help with the diarrhea. I have a colostomy as well, but never get diarrhea unless I'm sick.

Have you tried foods to thicken your output? Things like chips, marshmallows, bananas?

Hopefully someone else on here will have more advice than I do...good luck to you!
Yes I have tried every food the Drs. have told me to help thicken the output and nothing has helped me,it is so frustrating.I have always had diarrhea problems but not this severe until this last surgery in Feb.It was my third colostomy,the other two leaked continuously,this one doesn't leak but the diarrhea is impossible to control.
Hi Debbie,sorry to hear of your troubles,I've always had high output too,I empty my bag up to 8 times a day and 3x night depending on what I've been eating.my dr told me to eat potatoe crisps on bad days mainly for salt,I put salt on everything and drink 3litres of water a day,maybe you could set up with your dr to get intravenous fluids when you need to rehydrate at a hospital if your able,try not to stress it makes diarrhoea worse I've found,hope you can find something that works for you,
Hi deb, Yes I use the generic form called cholestyramine, It forms a stool and without it I would have the runs all the time when I am flaring. It was created for people with high cholestyral to remove the fat out of their bodies. It forms the bulk to carry it out and in the process stops the D. So it helps for two conditions and it works great for me and many others on here. Let us know if it works for you!