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Severe Obesity and Losing Weight at Age 62

Lynda Lynda

I am 62 years old and weigh 200 pounds.
During the past 42 years I have weighed between 129 pounds and 232 pounds.
Right now it is difficult for me to do much of anything as far as activity.
I am having heart and lung tests and will see my Cardiologist and Pulmonolgist later this month to discuss my test results.

How can I get in the right frame of mind to lose weight ?

What is a realistic weight loss goal ?

What did you do to reach your weight loss goal ?


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New York, USA
One important thing - how tall are you? Also, weight alone may not be the limiting factor on your activity - so it is good you are seeing your cardiologist and pulmonologist......

As far as a right frame of mind...I'm still looking myself :) ..... one thing I'm trying to do is to eat smaller meals....take a slightly smaller portion at meal times, and wait before thinking about going for 2nds....that has helped to slow weight gain and at times start to lose some...with me it is a bit tough because I really don't care about eating...but have to feed my husband and daughter so I end up eating by default. I have been good about turning down desserts - even when my husband picks on me about it. (he doesn't go overboard) ...

I would really love to lose at least 20lbs (to put be back below 200, I'm about 5'5").... motivation is the hard part....plus I get fatigued easily lately, sometimes even climbing one flight of stairs...yet other days I can walk literally miles for work and be fine.

my little penguin

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One thing I have done (not my crohns kiddo - he still drinks shakes to maintain weight )
Is WW(weight watchers )
They changed a lot over the years
And reward you for eating vegetables/fruits/healthy grains /lean proteins etc…
Yes it obvious stuff but let’s you factor in things like cookies /or chips /pizza and still stay on track

My dh uses my fitness pal since it’s free
Just scan the bar codes on food and it tells you how many calories you have left in a day abd still able to lose slowly (1-2 lbs a week on average )
It does the math for you

I still have 20 lbs to go to hit “normal “ BMI so not a magic program but helps and works if I follow it

Lynda Lynda

Thanks for your input !
After I have my follow up appointments with my Cardiologist, Pulmonologist and Gastroenterologist then I will start making a plan on what I am going to do so that I can lose weight.
Best of Luck to all of us !
One suggestion I have is to align your blood tests with changes you want to implement. So say you want to start your diet on Jan 1 then ask your doctor to send the test to the lab and you show up on Feb 1 for the tests. From 1/1 to 1/31, cut out all refined sugar and take a walk or meditate (lots of apps available that are wonderful). I find doing cold turkey with a deadline easiest to manage and you will be excited to do and learn from the test as well. You will be so happy when there is positive effect in the blood test!

A sample strategy:
1/1 - 1/31 (home) no refined sugar + daily walk while keeping your 2/1 blood test in mind
2/1 (lab) See how your hard work and healthy living has paid off!

Also, when you are tired, try to convince yourself to take a nap instead of the natural instinct of eating or drinking some calories to wake you up. Just say "Ah I am tired I am gonna go to sleep, yeah whatever." Then rest. Fatigue eating is the worst when your body really just wants to rest.

Just do this for 4 weeks. Don't think beyond that. I think you will be pleasantly surprised for the new lab test. :)


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I've been underweight for a long time due to chrons, but I do know eating snacks prior to bed time is tempting, but its not good. Late night callorie intake will often lead to weight gain during the night, and sleep problems. Sleep problems in themselves can lead to further snacking and weight gain. In my case I have poor sleep due to cramping pains. I find light excersise like going for a good walk can really help. One has better digestion, and fewer urges to reach for another snack.