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Shaking on Entocort??

Hey! I've been on Entocort for about two and a half weeks. A few days ago my left thigh and left thumb started shaking a bit. Like visible shaking of my thumb and the muscle in my thigh looks like it's jumping out my leg. Now it's both thumbs and it's completely uncontrollable, I can't voluntarily move my thumbs while the shaking is happening. It's now happening every few minutes and is a horrible feeling. Has anyone else had this with Entocort? Should I tell my GI about it?? Thanks for your help!
You can also call the Remicade or support number.
They are good at answering questions. Probably faster
than your Drs office.

Hope it goes away soon

Thanks Lauren. I ended up phoning my GI and he's testing my electrolytes today as that could be what is causing it. Good job I have to go to hospital for an MRI anyway today, killing two birds with one stone haha. Hopefully they can find a quick fix for the shaking as it's really annoying and getting painful!!
It was ok, just an easy 1 vial of blood. I should hear the results today so I'll let you know if they find the cause. I am definitely suffering from the MRI though, my intestines did not like whatever they gave me, wow! It's currently a whole orchestra of different sounds and bubbling.
Let me know if you find anything out.
Oh I nearly forgot, last night the shaking started in my left glute but seems a little better in my thumbs at least!
I started bleeding before I even got home from my
CT scan. When I figured out I had to drink all that stuff I really wanted
To cancel. Glad I didn't it was the one test that shows my CD. I think I am no longer on with all my vit levels and thyroid being on the low side of normal. I want to feel better. That's what's most important right now. Will let you know how it goes

Yes that's true, hopefully the results will be worth all this.
Yes please do let me know! My GI scheduled me for a dietician appointment as soon as he saw my last blood tests with iron and B12, waiting to see her next week, and like you hoping to feel better.
Good luck today!
Went to the dr and saw his PA, not a big fan because I pay $40 to see a specialist and 20 to see my primary. Anyway... She walks in and said you need a colonoscopy. Yes I know, we agreed I would do it after July when my deductible restarts. Then she said we don't have clinical proof of your CD, and being that we have you on Remicade we really should. I told her to stop the train, back it up and go have a talk with my Dr. She just looked at me. I looked back and said I can or you can either way is good for me. Joe had would it have been to go over my chart on my last visit alone before she came in my room. Long story short I won't be seeing her again. Not sure about the shaking for me but I am going taper both the prednisone and Entocort at the same time. I don't think this is a good idea. Better call back again!! snap!

Hope your doing better!

Aww that sucks. I hate stupid doctors that don't care and don't listen. Turns out my electrolyte levels were normal and actually the shaking has slowly stopped. I think it's because I've slowly started adding more things in my diet rather than just potato and I think my electrolytes went up so the shaking stopped. So yay! And I think the Entocort might finally be doing a little something. So double yay!
How are you doing Lauren? I hope a bit better!
hello hattie, did you calm your shakings? im new on this forum, i began to take 9 mm budesonida, Entocort during 3 months, and i feell like you, mi fingers and a hands shakings, and a contant stage of nervious, i stoped to take entocrd 2 months ago, and mi fingers yet shaking ocasionally, and i remain strangely nervous , ....I'm desperate, nex week i will have and blood analitic to se my levels of folic acid. b 12 vitamin, calcium, and something more....

pd. sorry for my bad english, saludos from spain