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Shaving and Azathioprine

Somewhere I read that on aza I should be using an electric razor, any truth to this? Any ideas as to why?
If I have an excuse to not shave I'm game, it keeps me warm and it holds up the nylons in winter and alerts me to mosquitos in the summer.
Sounds like some bs to me. I have been on 150 mg a day for months and I haven't had any issue shaving with a traditional blade. What is the supposed problem?


The only thing that pops to mind is the possibility that IF you were to nick yourself, you may scar more so than regular.....

But yes, further infomation regarding this would be cool!
Yeah, maybe it's because of the suppressed immune system? Lots of times bacteria like staph like to grow on old razors, so nick + bacteria could = infection if you don't replace your razors enough? But that shouldn't be a big issue as long as you're careful about replacing old razors...


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Roo has been on Imuran for 4 years and has never had a problem associated with shaving. I also have never heard of this.

Looks like you're going to have to find other alternatives for the nylons and mosquitoes. :ybiggrin:

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Doc appt fri so i'll ask him but im a thinkin it might be as procyon suggests. thank all and I will let you know what I get from the doc.
I vote ridiculous. The level of immune Suppression is not great. They just slow it down enough to keep your gut from swelling up. I still have plenty of white blood cells to fight off typical pathogens. What is of concern are the pathogens that unaffected people have trouble dealing with. Flesh Eating Disease, Pneumonia, West Nile Virus, Meningitis and all those groovy things.
While I like the idea of your ridiculous kenny, with my creative imagination, could have done without the reminders of all those groovy things. I do read Stephen King. Isn't the body fabulous...the parts that can go wrong and fall off ; )
hah! yea I had my self worked up starting this stuff too. I remember how it feels and just want to tell you that it has so been worth it for me.

I just got home from back to back weekends of Family fun. Camping, canoing, hiking, swimming, kid tossing and cannon balling. People were remarking that they have not seen me this healthy and happy in years. Imuran is a part of keeping me that way and I hope it can do the same for you too :)
I actually wondered this same thing when I started on immune suppressants, but I didn't post anything on here because I thought I would sound a bit too paranoid. ;) I even looked into waxing as an alternative, but decided it posed just as much of a risk if you didn't go somewhere reputable (and I know nothing about figuring out about that).

From what I've read, Procyon is right about the infections being the supposed complication from shaving. I think the solution of changing blades frequently is a good suggestion.