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Shingles and on Humira

Hi everyone

Just wondering your thoughts as two doctors and a pharmacist can't give me a straight answer...

I'm a week overdue on my Humira shot now, and a few days ago developed and was diagnosed with shingles. It's being treated with a 7-day run of famciclovir (I'm on Day 2).

Should I put off the H shot another few days? Or take it now? My worry is that if I take it now, the shingles will take longer to heal, but if I don't take it... I don't want to trigger a flare. The antibiotics are already upsetting my stomach pretty bad. I'm just looking for opinions, I'm still going to keep my doctor in the conversation, but wanted to see if my fellow Humies have had shingles, and what they did...

PS - shingles is so awful!! So painful!!! :S

Crohn's Mom

I would definitely wait until the shingles have cleared :)
My daughter is on Cimzia and broke out with blisters that the local ER thought was shingles. Come to find out a few days later it was a MRSA staff infection, but none the less, she still had to stop the treatment until it was cleared.
Of course, it is up to your doctor, just my opinion :)

Good luck ~ I hear it is really painful ! :(