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Hi my son attends crumlin for infliximab infusions every 6 wks
He has now got shingles. On his chest so it is covered with clothing and not exposed.
Do I let the IBD nurse know he has shingles or wait until his nxt infusion then let them know before traveling. They usually ring the day before he is due to attend
Many thanks
I think you need to call them. It is really unusual for kids to get shingles and it can become systemic and dangerous in an immune suppressed person. He may need antivirals. This happened to my daughter and fortunately we caught it in time to treat it. We did need to stop biologics for a few weeks. But every situation is different and you should call the GI office and speak to a nurse.

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Second call the doc now -do not wait
Ds was exposed to shingles while he was only on 6-mp-blood was draw abd the doc wanted anti virals if he showed any signs of anything


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When I had shingles I had to stay home until the blisters had healed over/dried up - luckily my outbreak occurred between Remicade infusions so I don't think I had to delay anything.
Yes all good, rang IBD nurse this morning and left a message And in fairness they were back to me within the hour. They are happy it’s an anti-viral medication the GP gave him. So his due back up in July so they will ring a week or so before hand to see how he is by then. Nurse said they seem to have gotten a few calls lately re shingles. Thanks for the advice 👍much appreciated 😊