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Shopping List!!??

Hi - i had a stoma in 2009 for 12 months and tbh i cannot remember what "things" i had!! Get my new stoma next Wed.

It was an emrgency so wasnt very well placed and also i had a fecal draining fistula right next to it so getting the bags to stick was a nightmare.

The only bag i could use was a dansac but i know there are many more superb bags out there.

I tried coloplast but they didnt work with the fistula.

This time its elective so should be nicely placed and ready for some snazzy bags!

SO hit me with your "must haves" ?

Also i need bag covers, underwear etc so any reccomendations on that would be good ?

Thanks peeps


Keep an open mind about what bags you can use this time because you wont have the same issues. Also, it will depend on how the stoma is, flush or normal. Then you've got the shrinkage issue for the first 2 months. (just like men! :ytongue:) So, alot of the shopping for appliances might have to wait. I know..bummer!

I'll leave the rest of the questions to the younger ladies...........
i recently got 6 pairs of knickers from vanilla blush- theyre high waisted and have a pouch inside them to fit your bag, theyre great and i got them free on prescription :) :)