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short term constipation relief?

Had a celebratory meal three days ago and ate poorly -- burger and fries -- had stomach cramps by the time I got home. No longer cramping, but hard and sore below ribs, center, and no bowel movements since. Have stayed well hydrated but feel like after three days I need to address the constipation. I know I should avoid a stimulant laxative but that leaves... not quite sure.. epson salts? mineral oil (I think that would make me vomit)? benefiber / citrocil ? Colace?

my little penguin

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Ds takes miralax daily for his version of crohns yes he has constant constipation
Please ask your Gi
But it works well for ds
I'd avoid chemical laxatives, some studies suggests is changes the microbiome in bad ways. Just aim for insoluble fiber, whole wheat!! Maybe try magnesium citrate natural calm, we crohn's patients tend to be low in MG anyways. fiber supps might help, but stick to most natural stuff first, give it 3-4 days. normal gi transit time is about 48 hours so anything you eat today wouldnt make into a bm until 2 days later so at least 2 days. all those rules generally change with ibd though, like diarrhea would increase intestinal transit by alot.

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Magnesium citrate is used for clean outs and at least in my kiddo caused explosive watery bm woth a small amount
Miralax is an osmotic not a laxative
It draws water into your stool to make it easier to pass

Check woth your Gi since in my kiddos case

Prunes fiber whole wheat etc
Make him so much worse
Doubled over ER visit
Everyone is different and your doc knows your history

my little penguin

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If colace doesn’t work
Definitely call back
Some folks it’s all they need
Others need. More
Glad you called your Gi
Communication is always a good thing


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Miralax or Lax a day may work. My GI recommended it and my surgeon recommended it as well.
I must remember to NEVER treat constipation -- been practically living in bathroom for pas 48 hours. I really hate this disease.
I feel for you as I suffer with constipation but don't like the Laxido my Dr prescribed it comes in sachets you dissolve in water it has an orange taste.
I think as we are all different we find our own solution but it can be a pain (parden the pun).
My go to help for constipation remains 30-60ml Milk of Magnesia. Works every time. Might take an hour or two, maybe three, but MOM does better than anything else I’ve tried over the years. 👍🏻