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Shortsightedness/Myopia with Steroid

I've just recently tapered off prednisolone 10mg for 1 month. I noticed my vision is worse compared to how it was before. I just realised everytime I am on a steroid period, my vision tends to get really bad and as I taper off steroid, the vision gets better but not as good as it was before starting the course.

I am not sure if it is all in my head. I am already extremely nearsighted and steroids only make my life more miserable. Does anyone experience something similar to me? Should there be anything I should be concerned about as my eye doctor noticed increased pressure in just one eye.
The exact same thing happens to me when I am on prednisone. You are definitely not imagining it. When I put on my glasses for the first time after being in the hospital for a week and on 60 mg IV solumedrol every day I felt like had on someone else’s glasses. Same thing happened the next time. It’s definitely crustrating. And my vision in general is (even when properly corrected) just isn’t as good as it used to be.

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I've been reading old posts about Budesonide / prednisone and realize I have experienced probably all of the side effects of being on the Budesonide for almost 2 years and now experiencing almost all of the side effects from withdrawing from the budesonide. This is scarey. No thanks to my GI who never explained any side effects.
I was on Budesonide for over 5 years, no thanks to my old GI for that. My vision definitely deteriorated during that time. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing the same thing while you taper. Please get a bone density test done; Budesonide is really for short term use. I wish I had known that; I switched to 6MP after a big flare but it gave me pancreatitis so my GI put me back on the Budesonide and now I have osteoporosis in my spine. Good luck with the taper.
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The exact same thing happens to me when on prednisone. My eye doctor just says it is my eyes getting worse. But why would it clear up some when off the prednisone. He never had an answer for that. My eyes never get back to the clear vision I had before using prednisone.